Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's still working

To begin with the system is definitely still working- I had a repeat sign to take in deepest Surrey on Sunday but because the League Cup was finally on real TV after 20 years I could watch my team play (and win) so dealyed the trip till today. Half way through the match I was looking at my old sign group online and someone had found two in Balham, where I'd go on a Sunday to avoid the traffic and get free parking. That didn't need sunlight to take the scenery (the trip to Balham doesn't have much) so watched the game and got two pretty rare signs, although instead of to places they aimed at buildings, but on the proper format. Three for the price of one and they weren't repeats.

I am free now, two probably bits of work this week but not yet 100%. It'll be weeks before I know about the photo going in the paper now so can forget that for a while, not worried about signs or photos as sorted that for now, so freedom and few obligations. Last week was a rest week, rain 4/5 days and just did whatever was available indoors and a couple of trips out to parks when the constant rain turned to showers. I'll just carry on and go with the flow now. It was bloody tiring driving through road works through some of the worst roads in London yesterday, and through traffic jams on winding Surrey roads full of people coming home from school today with more traffic lights than closer to London with each having to change a good few times before people could get through. Driving didn't used to tire me out- I did 10 hours a day in my early 20s but besides having a smaller car than I did for years which doesn't do all the work for me (it's called trying to save money) you really feel everything at 50, well I certainly do.

It'll be interesting to see what happens, technically a near repeat of last week is the likeliest, no chance of an early newspaper answer and just Streetview to possibly turn up more signs, although yesterday's came from someone online and one I'd even looked on the road there but was too small and well camouflaged I didn't see it anyway. Adding to the collections are good, but don't give you anything to do after adding them besides look at for a few minutes. It fills some boxes in life but the others are related to people. What are they again?

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