Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Having a pee

Why they have yellow and other pale colours when you can't change the background to see them beats me. I changed it by writing elsewhere and copying it in but can't be bothered to mess around every time.

Well it's been organised chaos. I've learnt never to take photos of people on the phone in their car from my own car now after a lunatic blocked the road after my flash went off and chased me around the block when I finally escaped. Never again, anyone mental enough to drive with one hand (or none when they change gear) on the wheel is mental enough to do anything else. I've learnt my lesson. And as far as I know it's not illegal to take a photo from a stationary car but no evidence anyway.

I got home and checked my forum replies and saw an old sign in London which meant that Streetview had also filled in the holes in its coverage as well as covering the rest of the country, revealing nearly all the corners in London previously missed and had both a turn right only sign (I only had the left) but on a pole with a circle on. Prior to 1964 these were a dime a dozen (or a sixpence) but went rapidly and unlike the triangle and direction signs were gone before I knew it, so would have been in a few years. I knew a couple around Britain but nowhere near here, and this was bang in the middle of London.

This also means I can relax the whole week as not only have I got something already but each one reduces the number I still need. It was also nice to find after my regular toilet was out of order there was a hotel opposite, and as well as using their facilities, which were harder than finding most of the signs, got some photos of the inside.

Unlike the last few weeks I'm booked every day more or less and nothing demanding so besides today where I sat on my arse after running around all yesterday and recharged my batteries there's little mystery ahead. It's the final week I'd be likely to hear about the newspaper (bloody echoes of last time, although this will not affect my career in any way), and read that when things don't work then they are wrong and leave them alone. I recognised this as a perfect example, even though I have no idea why anyone would ask someone to take photos and then ignore them I can't change it. Very strange behaviour though. Well that's about it for the week so far, but a success already so the buggers can't get me for a while.

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