Saturday, April 03, 2010

Because I can

The week has been slightly different for a change, partly as it rained almost non stop again, and partly as I was also working or out visiting relatives. I'm still looking for old road signs but not found more yet and am pretty tired anyway. It's finally been a good business week as it was time some more money came my way, petrol's up, gas bills are up and so is just about everything else, while the interest rates are a record low and set to stay there. Penalise the savers and encourage the borrowers, that's the way to teach morals isn't it. Fuckers.

Anyway, I now have what Buddha would call emptiness. Zen emptiness possibly or just nothing. A recent video explained the flow being where there is no connection to past events to hold you back, so your attention flows from event to event in the present. I get it now and will watch myself when I see myself slipping back. I also joined Twitter yesterday (davidahoward if you want to look) after stumbling upon someone's page and seeing it won't take over the computer as it doesn't appear to pop up the new tweets although Facebook now does.
Being rather an expert on fast food have just seen Cup a Soup now has oxtail flavour (never seen it before anyway) and am just about to try it. These are the little things in life and only better when shared with another person. My experience is rarely our experience so can't talk about it again with whoever didn't share it with me. Meanwhile although my bank is the only one I know to let you pay stuff in at the hole in the wall my usual one was vandalised, I went a mile the wrong way to the next to find it broken and had to go another couple of miles the other way to find one that worked. Small but irritating.

All I can think of ahead is writing my next article, the rest will either be a repeat of every other week minus the interesting bits, or something will arrive at the time. But either way I've run out of ideas. It's times like this I really need something to happen from outside, but it doesn't usually besides the road signs in the last year. Hopefully good news will follow.

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