Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Talk of an election

This is interesting, and for my many phobic friends here will also understand the preliminary anguish of spending a whole evening in a party after some years off the scene. That now being done and besides being woken by the bell early and spending the early part wanting to go back to sleep went pretty well. I had nearly a month for it to hang like a tethered fart over my life, and the window has now been opened to blow it away.

The freedom is something I haven't felt for a long time, partly as it's the biggest thing I've done for a long time. Anything we find tough is an achievement, however easy it is for others, and for phobics it can be close on impossible, whatever the 'normal' people (who we all once were I'll add) think. Now I have the freedom I must make the best of it. I've pissed around since then, partly as I can and partly there was little else to do. Housework is slowly getting done, I've called the radio, made more music and delivered some election leaflets, and tomorrow's booking is now off which is only a shame as there was some more business to do which would have made some more space in the house that now has to wait another week.
This is another test, but this time an easy and enjoyable one. No guilt if I do nothing although a sign cropped up yards from its two brothers in Homerton, which besides being this side of the river is part of hell itself. I expect I'll get there eventually, it's not one I desperately need but a variation of others in the same set or I'd probably be there now. And the woman I met at the weekend lives round there, and when I thought of the journey more or less confirms the folly of getting involved there, although my remarks of a reasonable right wing straight talker probably put her right off from the go. We need reasonable right wing straight talkers before the left wing waffly sheep who don't even want the sort of society they promote take us over completely, which until our election have already here.

Maybe there should be a right wing bible, with essential truths like the commandments:

1) Call a spade a spade
2) Let the people travel freely
3) Let people keep the money they earn and leave it to their family
4) Let people rise to their own level in society without being held back by crap like comprehensive schools or positive discrimination

You get the picture, honest, straight talking Libertarianism. Common sense. No jealousy, pretence or outright lies (like global warming or multiculturalism) but let people get on with it without interference and 'guidance' from any ideology like the insidious socialism. Freedom is not an ideology, anything that restricts your freedom for an opinion of how things should be is. Keep them out.

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