Thursday, April 01, 2010

Nothing new?

Reminded by my friend on Facebook, despite always looking for something that will be of use, nothing may actually work. Admittedly my philosophy helps many other people as I use it in my work and with friends although is mainly practical rather than spiritual. The spiritual side isn't so simple though as there's no science and no direct cause. But there's no alternative while I see both yawning gaps in life and the possibility there is a lot more if only we learn how to use it.

I also see the internet appearing to become reality for many of us, and sometimes need to take photos and films of our rarer trips out to prove we're actually still capable of it. The fact the rise of broadband coincided with a marked reduction in my own social activities is no more than a coincidence, but the good side is I now appreciate so much I do since it almost dried up for various reasons. So I appreciate every person and every place I go now and always will.
I have just heard a little talk on what the flow is, and can now say it's not hanging on to what you just did mentally but just dealing with what's here now, and not worrying ahead either. So instead of being held back by thoughts of the past, like driving and looking behind you, you let it go and move on. It's that simple and I'll have to catch myself doing it now as breaking habits is as useful as meditation itself if it contributes to the same end.

I must be excused for hoping for more- is anyone satisfied with every aspect of their lives? I only worry about the major areas as who cares about the details? If the main aspects of my life are OK then the ups and downs are ridden a lot easier as they were in the past. I repeat this every now and again simply as so many days remind me of it. Besides the usual advice (uncalled for) what I should be doing to get more work and social life, as if I hadn't tried it already, I don't have any magic ways to change a single aspect of my life directly. There's no point throwing effort at it as all I'll be is alone but more tired. My current aims are to improve my media career and social life, both of which would have similar effects. As I was reminded, however early my progress is in the media it's many miles beyond nearly everyone else on earth. That means whatever I'm doing, bearing in mind I never got an Equity card or have any family connections in the area, is working. Business is relatively controllable compared to pleasure and I've always just kept ahead there. And besides the lack of acceptable women always had a bloody good social life as well but totally by just doing what I always do.

Last night I was with my mother and her friend, and also decided the main problem is if you don't get married you're left with a few loyal friends and other singles who tend to be thin on the ground and mainly peculiar. The couples drop you or won't make friends with you if you meet them later. Only being likely to make single friends restricts the options by about 90%, and it does seem to turn people into self satisfied and superior beings once they start their own family. The fact the lowest class of all are the ones to have the earliest and largest families doesn't seem to register with them at all, that if you have basically no standards and on the dole you can more or less hook up with anyone like yourself and just eat, drink, smoke and shag. The available types for the much fewer intellectuals means we're spread out worldwide, and although now able to meet up online on some sites, are too spread out to do much more. I also pointed out how people either click with me or not, and if they do last for decades. That doesn't often happen either.

So it's pretty hard to change the nature of society and although I doubt most people deliberately exclude singles from their own lives the effect is the same. Some days I see the cheese, other days I see the holes. I don't make the rules...


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

The world population is already too high. The less number of births the better. And as I approach the age of 68 and reflect back I am now glad that I DON'T have children and grandchildren and even great grandchildren as some of my friends my age and slightly younger have. So I am pleased in retrospect that when aged just 20 I was told by my doctor in Harlesden that was a Jaffa - seedless. Never stopped the relationship I was in at the time. What I see kids doing and even adults doing to the world in destruction and the English language being ruined by text messaging and television/radio presenters and performers. So called stars of music and sport etc are also adding to the downfall of society. Life WAS better in the 1940's and early 1950's. My parents hoped that the world would be a better place are World War 2. It is NOT. We live in the most un-caring times in the past 60 years. People are selfish and it is the ME, ME, ME society. The so called charity raisers for the poor,starving,earthquake victims, flood victims etc are a big CON to give the giver a feel good feeling with actually doing anything. Look at the recent Earth Hour stupid thing. Switch of the lights for an hour but still have the fridge going, the tv/radio etc going and burning candles which actually out MORE CO2 in the air than the same electric used in the hour, but hey those people felt good - doing something for the world of starving people. WOWEEEE!
Evolution has taken a BAD turn due to technology and our way of life. Peoples brains are being LESS used because we have the technology to do it for us, calculators, computers - use use LESS brain to type in auto spell than you do in longhand writing which is a skill.
Too many people, too many people living when they would die if evolution had not turned bad, I include myself in that - I should have died many years ago but was SAVED in the interests of others. Now I cut down on medications and selfishly still live but hope each night never to wake up again. But I do. Could take my own life, been there a few times over the past 50 or more years, but somehow I survive. I have had my life, I don't want kids around me, I don't want to see how the kids and others are ruining the world with socialism. Humans are NOT socialists, ants are, if humans were meant to be socialists then we would not have spread out of Africa and evolved into the different races we are in all parts of the world. Now we live in overcrowded ghettos destroying everything.
Be THANKFUL you don't have kids. Yes the POOR are the ones that ARE EXPANDING and with it they breed have runts and they then breed and infinitum.
End of my little rant for the day.

David said...

So why do ordinary people like you and me see straight through all the crap and apparently the majority of supposedly intelligent people not? I said on Facebook it's turn your brains off for an hour for Al Gore day. It's like mass hypnosis and I can't wake one of the buggers up whatever I say apparently. Tragic.