Thursday, April 15, 2010

New world order plans leaked

I shouldn't say it too loudly but things are actually going quite well at the moment. Besides doing the work myself (gardening, housework etc) I have my freedom, another old sign has been located and taken and although nothing big has changed everything small seems to be working for a change. Ahead is more freedom so far, not a single idea but can easily wait till the time comes and fill it somehow. I've also been calling the radio quite a lot again, mainly as they've been addressing global warming, petrol prices and minor political parties with the election on its way so have had a lot to contribute.

As far as other media work is concerned sod all is the answer there, but I'll keep writing and wait for something to happen. My photos have been delivered twice but the second time the twat used the doorknocker when the dustmen were here, I assumed the noise was them and as he didn't try again said I wasn't in. Again. There's a note going on the door this time, if they kept the same people this wouldn't happen but it's always the new guys who fuck around. We had the same woman for years, I would have happily let her deliver far more than parcels but never had the encouragement. Now it's nearly always someone different and half are a pack of morons. I delivered parcels for months and never let a chance to deliver slip.

I asked a spritual teacher a simple question he raised by email and got the automated response I need a private session. I asked the price and heard nothing yet but worth a try. I know the usual junk out there and he is clearly way above them. I do my best to get on but really do need a push as unless I've missed something I hardly seem any different from when I started the work in 1997. He says everything is God and he's experienced it in a near death experience. I've come across most of it in other accounts but he got the lot. If he was chosen to get it and now teaches then if I've found him maybe there's a point there as well.
Otherwise all is mystery. The usual options are available, inadequate women, the same places and people as before but even if I can't yet change myself maybe it can change outside to help. Meanwhile I'll leave you with the biggest scandal of the century/new millennium. Barack Obama to create a world tax system based on climate change. I've said they were up to no good for years, what will it take for others to listen?

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