Monday, April 05, 2010

New UK carbon taxes: My response

I read what must be one of the least publicised laws in the media yesterday, that a whole new bunch of carbon taxes have arrived aiming to get Britain's emissions down 80% by 2050. This surprised even me as technically the goal is impossible, and even if was possible would involve riding donkeys everywhere. If anything can wreck the recovery from recession this is guaranteed to. The most tragic thing is presumably the business affected by it seem to be taking it like dead sheep and appear to both be unknown of its arrival and totally uninterested in challenging it. In that case I suggest they work through the ten plagues of Egypt and see how long it takes before they complain and whether they manage to stop them before they get to killing the first born sons.

On a wider scale I see in front of me what appears to be mass hypnosis. Those immune stand around watching the others like teetotallers at an Irish wedding (excuse anyone I've offended there but you soon get used to it here), while apparently sensible people witter on about carbon footprints and sustainability despite having sod all figures to base it on. Oh, they did until the IPCC gradually admitted each one was wrong. Sorry Al, your slip is showing. And half your backside by now as well. Even when their cash is haemorrhaging away at an incredible rate, not mysteriously like a bent accountant would do it, but up front and in black and white on bills and petrol and they still laugh it off as if it really doesn't matter says mental illness to me. Temporary maybe but mental definitely.

Every element of delusional behaviour is evident here, not as in schizophrenia but as in religious mania. All cults operate by telling you only they have the answers and everyone else can't be trusted. They teach global warming in schools as if it's evolution, physics, astronomy and every other hard science including a few controversial bits. So every new generation of kids assumes the teachers are telling the truth, just as Palestinian children are told Jews are pigs and Christians are dogs. Parents and teachers know everything until you get to a certain age and ours have been twisted into little Al Gore robots spouting AGW bollocks just as if we'd entered Stepford.

The question is despite many of us looking on from the outside and despite our best efforts to wake the dead, will they come round or kill us all economically long before the decades required to find out the temperatures did not rise noticeably and it was all what I just said it was? Some people see me as personally insulting them here, but why that is is way off the reality, as the data I learnt years ago is now not just online but seeping into the mass media. All they seem to do is assassinate the characters of the scientists (like the whole University of Illinois and the Vice President of the IPCC, Yuri Izrael) and totally avoid looking at the figures they give. And with the figures given by the rest of the IPCC (so what did happen to Yuri Izrael as his words went unheeded in 2007?) one by one (we're about up to double figures now and just the ones they've conceded are wrong) their figures are proving to be no more than angel hair and fairy dust as well. Or steaming poop if you want to be less polite about it. So why do they still worship at the altar of steaming poop and leave their handbags and safes open so the IPCC operants can enter them at will as well? All answers gratefully accepted.

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