Thursday, April 08, 2010

The wrong sort of shit

A bit of spiritual stuff today, as the signs have been out. The energy when certain things, good or bad, can happen whatever you do is a phenomenon I know well and science is unaware of. The fact most of what happens isn't yet known by science doesn't stop it being real though.
I play a guess the word game every hour I can with about 100 other people, and have been about top 5 since it started this year. I had some near misses since the weekend and was overtaken and finally won again today, and before you see the other guesses you have a single blind guess first with just two letters and nobody else's words to help you. I checked the 45 minute reveal and saw I'd won that as well straight after the other. I do believe it opened up the winning energy and was tuned in for that time so I could do it again. How many other things can I do in the same way I wonder?
That leads me to the presensing of wins as well. Many times when I've played tough to win quizzes I've come second a few times within a day or so before winning. Once you get close you feel you can do it and normally do very soon after. Now if that applies to every goal then maybe I sense I'm close to enlightenment. Most people on the path get signs and improvements along the way that show them but I've never had anything obvious. But besides seeming to get it now (13 years of teaching and I bloody well should) sometimes when I practise I notice a peace and calm way beyond before, even if just for a few seconds. It's so far a physical phenomenon probably more like meditation which I've done just as long, but feels a bit different. The understanding side only applies to our enthusiasm to practise, as if we understand and believe in it then we're more likely to keep going. I know I'm doing the right thing and seen the same teachings from most of them although there is the quick path which involves complex work most of the day. As the guru says only a handful of people are on it, some are enlightened and very quickly (within months) but I have more other things to do as well and can still make it if I'm going to the usual way.

I've been pretty busy since the last entry, done a couple of music videos and another article written soon after the last came out. As I am aware of the action is the push and the result is the pull. We can only push the car of the project to get it moving, and then hope someone else picks it up and pulls it towards success. And as some teachers say the same after I worked it out myself I don't think I've got that wrong. If this guy at the gym and some others really think they can decide they want something and get it either we've all missed something or they're imagining it. Maybe I have missed a link here but not aware of any.

So I'm making starts continually, some die on the vine and others grow buds but no flowers. But each is the proverbial seed and even the bible explained it's not the seed that causes the success but the ground it goes on. And I'm often planting mine in the wrong sort of shit apparently...

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