Monday, April 12, 2010

We are all God

I've surprised myself how creative I've been the last week. Despite only one outdoor photo trip (12,000 makes it hard to find more without travelling) I've made a number of music videos, which improve as I go along, and written another article. And free ahead which is a great relief as well. An old sign just came up in Homerton, a stone's throw from two more I got last year and a right pain to get to but ought to do it. And if anyone from Laura's posse (or Laura yourself) is reading, thanks for adding me, I've been reading some of your stuff and an honour to be included.

I have just read an article on the nature of God, from one who has experienced it. It explains it all. As part of God, then of course we can create everything, as we are the same thing. Did God cheat by choosing how the world was created, assuming that's how it happened? If not then I'm not cheating by rearranging my environment- why take worse when you can have better? I haven't finished the article yet but with out of body experiences you instantly lose body association and are all you observe. You can expand to infinity and experience everyone at once as she did, I've heard of people experiencing this on smaller scales but this woman got the lot. Why so few of us have experienced this is still a mystery as if it's not destined to wreck our and other people's lives by having such knowledge then why do so few people get it? And it's not just people who want it that don't get it, when it happens it often does to people randomly (although there may be a purpose), and enhances every one of their lives permanently. How can you worry about dying when you've seen you carry on elsewhere?

It hasn't touched me yet, I've been working on such an experience for 13 years but barely scratched the surface of meditation experiences. As for any lasting that is really the final stages, till then even the biggest stuff rises and dies. The final state of enlightenment is a constant, and even a glimpse of it (nowhere near myself) is no more than a step. My only step is shifting from doubt to acceptance, once Sage Amrit, a 20 year old Cockney ex drug addict, described it so clearly I got the concept. He's on Youtube if anyone wants to see more, ignore the rough exterior, this guy knows his stuff and I can compare 100 much older and wiser who don't come close to him.

So taking on my role of creator I'd like a woman pretty soon whatever else happens, and until and unless my own enlightenment (many thousands aim, hundreds reach it) would also like to locate a few lost road signs near me this week, get an article published and get on proper TV. I'm some of the way to most of these (except women, that's a yes or no situation, like pregnancy), although the signs are apparently lost forever. But miracles involve going beyond the norm and everything I've mentioned has been in that realm.

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Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

The as the years go by the more I look at the very impressive photos of the universe on which I look at each day then the more I turn away from the idea that there is a thing we call God, who supposed to look like us, well we look like him but in multi shades of skin colour. the universe is so big and with billions of billions of billions of things we call stars even if one million of them had planets with life that was as evolutionary advanced or more advanced as us then the idea of a thing called god who sent his ONLY child, a son we call Jesus, to save the people of Earth from sin and die for such then gee this planet Earth must be the most sinful place in the whole universe!
I am gradually reading all of Richard Dawkins books which I purchased four weeks ago. have always been interested in what he says for some years and I like his tv shows and interviews.
Although for personal and social reasons I am still a member of my local Uniting Church (former Methodist church) and I still say my prayers twice a day those prayers are really in a way me thanking people and my pets for their kindness to me and me wishing goodness to them. The god bit means almost nothing to me and will gradually be eroded away. In my Will are my funeral details and it is total un-religious and simple, no service and no burial, simple and cheap cremation and my ashes scattered around a tree as fertiliser.
I believe that we are made from what we call star-dust and we return as such.
Our brains have evolved to give us imagination which is what spurs people to invent things and even provide simple entertainment like plays, poetry, games and sport, and tell jokes. It is this imagination which provides children with imaginary friends that they play with and talk to and to which mankind out of fear of the unknown created religion and a thing we call god. Go back to what I said about the vast universe, the idea that this was created by a super-being, god, who somehow created himself/itself from nothing and that god knows about ALL that is happening in the universe and controls all the life herein and its weather, planet etc movements and that we people by praying, talking, to him he will listen to us and then meet or deny I requests. I don't agree with that. It is like saying that he punishing the people on Earth by giving us global cooling or warming. As David Attenborough once said how can there be a thing called god which has made a worm that will attach itself to the ye of a child and make that child blind and we have to LOVE that thing called god. Not exactly his words but that is the gist of what he said.
The universe, like Earth and all that is herein, is in constant renewal, destroy and then renewal. Thus this thing we call god who is alleged to have made and controls the universe and thus us is the most EVIL thing in the universe and is a schizophrenic because he/it is constantly destroying things he/it made and then remaking new things rather like a child playing with Lego or a piece of clay.
Enough said by me for this time.