Monday, April 19, 2010

Living like savages

I'm still learning a lot at the moment. Despite nothing actually being wrong at the moment my mind is quite able to imagine things just to ruin the peace, and have to learn to deal with those. It's all based on past events but if anyone's come across hypervigilance then you'll know what I'm talking about. I always had the tendency but once a fear is experienced in reality it really kicks in.

I've done very little as far as I know since the last visit, I found one of the rarest signs in the country on Thursday night which I think had happened before I was here last, and since then have just been going with the flow of very little. I've been playing a guess the word quiz every hour and am in 5th place, and won 4 times in the last couple of days, the game hasn't been going long and first place is 35 wins. I've been 5th for a while and needed to win consistently to get back from 6th. It looks like it's chance but it isn't unless everyone plays the same way. It uses simple odds to calculate when to play and once you know is easy to stick to.
The week ahead is free thank goodness, I'll take the sign again in daylight and a few things nearby, sort out a haircut (I need to book for mine), deliver more election leaflets and one booking. I did find a sign today but so unfamiliar I'm not deciding 100% if it's one of the proper ones until someone else says so. Likely but not certain.

Nothing more is expected, I think any of the few possibilities won't happen now, but must learn to enjoy my freedom even when I pick up nonsense around me to ruin it. This week's lesson clearly. On the supernatural front I am still in no doubt all of this is being guided, as it often fits together far more than life should outside a fictional script. The woman I met last weekend would have made a decent friend had she lived in driving distance, but unlikely any more than that. But what's the point of encouraging someone who can't get to me by train and I won't go by car? Again, it must be for a reason, ie she probably wouldn't want to see me anyway, or a total loony like most of the others. I suppose if I was going to get another loony one with a PhD would be the best type, but too many other factors to wreck it for me. I am expecting a DVD of the party though which will be nice.
Maybe I'll finally play golf again as well soon, the combination of constant rain and the local course closing put me off for a few years, but after some lessons want to see the results. There's another course a mile away from the old one so will check that out sooner or later.

So as always the possibilities appear to be within the normal range but never know till they happen, last week provided far better than expected and made some good calls to the radio (more now due to the election) which people I know heard. It'll never make me famous but may teach a few people something which is why I do it mainly. It's no use knowing things if you can't share them, unless they can help you personally. Voting and politics are not like that, everyone needs to know the truth or we'll get more green taxes till we're living like savages. Won't be long then.

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