Friday, April 23, 2010

Global warming is dead!

Back again, it's too early for bed and no hurry to get up tomorrow so prefer to write than read a lot of the time here. There's the small picture of what happens to me each day and then the big picture of guidance. I also need to learn the true nature of all my fears one by one so I can drop them, but sometimes even when I do I forget and another one returns. It's my nature and always has been. A new study has just hit the internet claiming the formula used to calculate the effects of CO2 had been at least double the reality as it had the sun shining permanently. Just dividing day and night cuts that figure in half, and then other factors such as cloud cover and solar activity and in the end it has no effect at all. I've know something was up with this shit as soon as I compared the sea level figures with their claims and realised there wasn't any connection between the two. No oil company told me, or Jesus, I just checked for myself. Once you see the king's flies are open you start losing faith in him. Now the king's flies are open, his cock's hanging out and he's shat himself. Time for a new pair of trousers before the rest of the world dies of laughter or embarrassment.

Otherwise looking back a week or two things have served me very well. The old signs turning up on Streetview, even locally, have been some of the best yet and filling in many spaces in my collection I could have done in a day or two back in the 70s. I've had no particularly demanding work to do and the worst thing that happened was a blown TV which was replaced by an old and much smaller model within hours. Besides the size it does everything the other did besides teletext, but I can look at the slow stuff on cable if I really want to know the bad news (as it nearly all is). I've got no more plans and ideas besides returning to Streetview after a few days otherwise engaged, in case it provides more sign trips to make. One thing about the internet is it shows there's no shortage of interesting people around, just not around here. It has to happen sooner or later but the odds of meeting just the right people you get on with and are available to see are pretty low- I met them now and again and most lasted for many years but never permanently. In the end everyone needs replacing and they don't arrive by wishing.

This week was an interesting test, it offered nothing more than the banal, Tuseday I got lots of jobs done, Wednesday I was working and then had to sort out the replacement TV, today I was sent on a job to photograph my grandparent's grave and then had a surprise visitor for the rest of the day, so has been pretty much like most weeks with local variations so far and definitely nothing major. If I'm expected to have to enjoy life simply as I am free despite having to search far and wide for company then it's a tall order and although I manage for a while it will get boring eventually if nothing decent happens. Is there anyone who can say different?
But when faced with the big picture, despite yawning gaps where nothing appears to happen maybe it does. I'm trying to educate a bunch of radical Muslims on Facebook, whose hate of the west, represented by Israel who in turn represent the Jews is based only on their wish to cleanse the world of the kuffir, and nothing to do with any sort of facts. But although the effect of reason is almost zero standing back and watching is as bad as joining in myself. One soul saved from the dark side would be a miracle, and I can't stop just because it's potentially a waste of effort.

It may also be an ego thing but although I've had some recognition from friends on forums here I've never got a lot of credit for the work I do. I've researched so many areas since finishing my studies and produced work on many topics from psychology to politics and the supernatural, and if it was crap would never be published but nearly all has been. You don't get a law degree without learning how to check and support your facts. Like a barrister I have to find out whatever I need to learn about from those qualified and present it as a go between. I build a case from other expert's material, and like any lawyer don't waste my time if I'm going to lose, at least not when I'm not being paid for it. Apparently clever people can be incredibly naive and geniuses can still have blind spots. I've caught most with their pants down many times and only know a handful of people who are more or less immune to garbage when it appeals to them. We can all be fooled the first time but not repeatedly. In the end there is only the truth, the rest is words with only the power to confuse others. Human CO2 either creates global warming or not. However hard they try and convince us otherwise it won't make my car raise the temperature if it isn't happening. You can count most of the dead bodies from the holocaust as they weren't lost and recorded meticulously by the Germans. In fact it was one of the top nazis who estimated the toll at about 6 million at Nuremburg. You can't lose living people but some cunts (if a rude word was ever appropriate to use THIS is the time) deny it happened. You see what I mean.

Anyway, if anyone just slightly gets my drift, then join the party.

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