Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Learning is complete

I've actually been really busy today with no actual plans or obligations to start with. And with the link to Facebook can mention things about there and people may actually be part of it. I wanted to take a photo of the sign I found last week during the day, and after the last time I did the same return to one in daylight discovered they look far better taken at night with the flash as the lens dims the scene down in good light and makes them grey. Then I delivered the third pack of election leaflets locally and a trip to the little supermarket for more food. At least the day hasn't been wasted. Then quite outside my control someone obsessed with slagging off Israel has been non stop posting scurrilous propaganda which (knowing the true facts) would be nearly as bad if I left it unremarked on. For a few weeks not a single person joined in on my side till a week ago, and was beginning to wonder if they were either scared or didn't exist. I doubt many people will take notice but being subject to this all my life as a Jew had to learn the facts or be treated like a christ killer. We only just shook that off when the Vatican pardoned us 2000 years too late and the Arabs now take over. The lies are similar, the hate is identical. If even one person questions their beliefs it will be a miracle as technically I don't even expect that much.

Work tomorrow so no need to plan, although can wander about afterwards as it doesn't get dark till about 7 now. Things have gone a bit flat since the weekend, as unfortunately lack of bad doesn't make good however much we try and make it so. I've got no more plans for now though, as always tomorrow is covered so can deal with Thursday nearer the time. I expect I'll be back Streetviewing as it's just like metal detecting, anything could be hiding there but you have to go out and look. I did that for about 15 years but mainly found old money. I sold a few army cap badges for a few pounds and that was about the best I did, but got me out and about which was half the point of it. You get far better on beaches but living in London I only got to do that a couple of times and found a model car and a makeup compact which my mother may still be using. And the digging's a lot easier as well.

Overall I feel I've learnt all I can about life in the known world, and can only progress elarning beyond it now. There is a line between normal and transcendent experience and with all the effort of 20 years can just cross over at times, but not far or for long. If it's possible as many tell me to cross over properly that must be my next aim, as I feel there is something there I need to become. My own teaching is very limited as it only addresses the practical and not the spiritual, but if the spiritual works the rest is easy. You don't even care about most of the trivial things in life, I've mixed with these guys long enough to know that. I'm like the person in the book who's learnt everything about flying except how to pilot a plane themselves. I can teach it, dissect an engine, understand the science etc, but can't actually do it. That's not good enough really is it? I may even be able to help others ascend spiritually as there's little useful left to learn I haven't found already, and discarded most since. You try and test and decide pretty quickly after a while. Like many other things I've had the crumbs but not the cake and by now it really isn't enough. Some twat (for anyone who spams others is) sent me an offer to do this on Youtube, he gives free samples which is better than most but doesn't just want to sell me the products, but for a monthly fee. Now if I'm going to give blood I want to know how much they're taking in advance, I don't want to instal a permanent line thank you. Yes, definitely a twat. Plus I've already bought something from his rival who does offer all the material on CD so once you've paid you can use it forever. Any accountant knows to budget you have to know the fixed costs and there's no cap if paying every month.

I suppose realising I haven't got much more of any use to learn here is some sort of landmark, I'm not looking for any more as the progress now is about changing myself, not learning anything more. I can see when I'm being conned- the fact so many people still fall for internet scams explains why the IPCC can rob them the same way. Maybe if the Nigerians start asking for money to stop global warming they may make even more than they do now. There's no difference except we can choose whether to pay them in advance to get SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLARS but we can't stop paying the green taxes. They should really be called red taxes as they're bleeding us dry. End of sermon.

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