Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Welcome to all on Facebook, and now bloody well read this!

Well thanks to someone else's profile I've finally got an app to publish my blog entries to Facebook so I'd better write something. And I always think before swearing online, and usually think 'Fuck it, why not?'...
Anyway, today is the sort of day only grandmas and aspergics bother to report, more so with enthusiasm. I'll stop short of the lavatory visits (my grandma didn't, 'it was only wind', 'I didn't get there in time and soaked myself' etc) so you can see the roots of my malady, but the rest isn't that much better.

Although I like money by this time of life the time is worth as much to me, so when my booking was cancelled although there was no alternative, and too late to go anywhere, I was free. The jobs to do list had grown and first sent my annual certificate renewal form off, then picked up my real film photos from the chemist (you don't buy all those lenses and then buy another digital to waste them) and chose the next lot of photos to print. I nearly ordered them as well but the company who've done it for 4 years didn't recognise my email address. Sweary time? Just pick your favourite one to go here. Then I did my second ever song in harmony, I can't sing but I can hold a tune and play along with it. It's good to get so many jobs out of the way but besides them coming back sooner or later to be done again it's not very exciting.
I don't think the details matter as long as people are happy whatever they're doing, and although some carry on running around till they die others like me have been to enough places already and quite content to sit around at home like a cat. But the comparisons people make from the outside seeing so many people online reporting the concerts, restaurants and holidays you'd think anyone who doesn't do that any more is a wanker. But it's no different from what you choose to eat- you can get fed up with anything if you eat too much of it and it's the same with other things.

As I've said for ages, in my case it's all down to people and always has done. As long as I have my freedom it's who I'm with that really matters, and then where I am. The only comparison anyone can make with me is whether or not they're happy with who they're with or not. It's hardly a competition as if I liked going out more I could still do it on my own, and often have. No one else will be able to share the memory with me but that's life. So when people see the routine of my week it's not such a bad thing except the lack of others to share it with.

On other news I've had precious little response to my low carbon society observations, and can only conclude people are happy to see their ready cash reduce while their opportunities to have said holidays and days out become harder and harder. This shit affects every single one of us. When you've had to give your car up because it costs too much to run don't complain then, it's too late. Complain now while you still have something left to lose.
I do always hope for more, and one very long shot would be for someone to use my work from seeing it online. I've had photos and paintings used, why not writing? Like art you don't need qualifications to be a writer, just talent, but unlike painting having qualifications as well means you can talk about certain subjects professionally, so I have something to offer. Many years of writing to order means I can more or less turn out something on request if it's within my area as there is a formula. I do send things off from time to time but to be honest the only place that didn't turn me down or ignore me is one I can't think of anything to write for, as it depends on some sort of original supernatural experience, which I haven't had for ages.

There's a divergent flow diagram that means if you look ahead the likeliest outcomes are near the centre like they have been already. Any diversion, whether up or down, is less likely but possible. You can't make these things happen. You can easily destroy things and drop down of course, like you can break a cup but can't stick it together afterwards. But no amount of effort will get you above that line, it just happens. Nothing in my 50 years tells me otherwise, and if you can show me a way then you'll be my master. I'm not holding my breath as I think everyone will realise the same as me. That's why people meditate, although we control how much we do even then we have no say in the results. The Christians hand that over to god, and say I will push and god will create. That's how it's always been and I'm not busting a blood vessel trying to beat that system.


Pilgurum said...

David, the more I get to know you, the more I consider you to be a soul brother. As you do, I see things that are quite obviously bigger issues than the attention they recieve reflects. I guess we are strange in that respect. Keep on truckin brother. Somebody may hear our respective messages against the odds. It's who we are, after all isn't it. And we have no choice but to be the things that resonate for us. It's a drag sometimes, but then again, once in a great while, what we say resonates for someone else. Peace my friend.

David said...

Hey Kim, welcome to my blog! Thank goodness I've finally found a way to feed it to Facebook, it wasn't easy to find. And although it was bedtime I felt I had to check another site, as I often do, and went straight to Hotmail where the blog comments go. I do that a lot.

Seeing the obvious has often seemed natural and normal to me, and then wonder why so many people miss it, even when they've been told the details. It's as if they've been blocked and there are only a few of us running around wondering what to do to stop the chaos, much like Data or Seven of Nine while all the human crew have been infected by a virus. But the truth has to win as there's nothing else here. But when?

Anonymous said...

G'day David. I don't use Facebook or that stupid Twitter thing. And as you know I don't have nor want a mobile (cell) phone as I think they are the modern curse of society and all that damn texting people do is making people illiterate and spelling and grammar is being destroyed.
Anyway mate I want you to spread the word in the UK that SATURDAY 17th APRIL is WORLD GLOBAL COOLING DAY. What we want is everyone who has a FRIDGE is to leave the door OPEN and the thing working for ONE HOUR. This way the cold air coming from the millions of fridges around the world will REDUCE WORLD TEMPERATURE BY 2degrees Celsius. And if we did this ONCE A YEAR we can PREVENT GLOBAL WARMING and allow people to avoid paying carbon emission tax and carry on with their present lifestyle.
So remember please. Saturday 17th April 2010 is WORLD GLOBAL COOLING DAY and to LEAVE YOUR FRIDGE DOOR OPEN AND WORKING FOR ONE HOUR. Thank you my friend.

David said...

Bloody good idea about the fridges, but eat the food first if it's hot outside.
I didn't know what Facebook was when I was asked to join, but so many people I know are there it's hooked me up with a lot more of my old friends than could have otherwise. There's a big reunion in August from people I haven't seen since the 70s, should be amazing.
With predictive text it can spell words for us now so no need to cut corners but the kids still do.