Thursday, January 07, 2010

All about climate

Life is still happening at least, yesterday went smoothly with no one in front of me at either the bank or the money exchange, after the work booking and still managed to get there before it closed. Snow was again predicted, I picked my friends up at 8 just after it started, and got them back at 10.30 after a reunion with one twin sister after 9 years as she moved to America. Then the snow continued till about 3pm today and haven't opened the front door since last night.

I have however managed to find loads more photos to scan in, started watching my videos and had little time to do much else. I have the filing, postal course and washing up to follow as this may last another week yet again. It's a lot deeper than December although not icy so far, which was the real bugger. So my projects are literally on ice, none have replied and somehow suspect none will, besides one on Facebook (my old English teacher) making that a 1/7 score, better than it could have been. The actress who wanted my DVD should reply sooner or later as she needs it, but really hope I can deliver it in person. Since the last road sign I went to check for had gone (and one of the best I could have found) nothing else has really happened of any interest, a few little things have turned up from existing photos and seen a few people and that's about it.
Because things seemed to be building up to more it became a disaster waiting to happen I suppose. Although I am now the contented owner of a photo of an old red triangle sign with no damage at last (after literally missing 1.5 million before they all went) I still need a picture type one, and even then will need something new to keep me occupied when that project comes to an end.

My new stats here show about 10 new and 2-4 existing visitors a day, which seems to imply a constant stream of arrivals but few regulars. I'm a regular as well, as most bloggers except a few on my links give up within a year or so, although life does not. And it doesn't cost anything so can't see why anyone would stop. Having a regular partner would make no difference as most bloggers I know do as well, and something extra to write about. I have no idea where and if my next good news or event will come from, but tomorrow should be fine and just having no more demands on me is a good place to start from.

More figures are being supplied from higher and higher authorities denying global warming (thank you Roger) and sooner or later the powers that be will have to explain why. I know why, because it's a little scam that got out of hand and too difficult to wriggle out without looking like the total slimy lying bunch of crooks they actually are. Those of us who have stood our ground will be the ones with integrity as there are a few leaders and millions of innocent but naive (at best) followers who leave the door open to let the wolves and foxes steal their property, much like Toad in the Wind in the Willows. How your average bloke/woman can assume what they are told 'must be true' beats me every time. Anyone who's done history even to O level knows what propaganda is, and it's all the same format worldwide. There's a list of tactics, and actually created by an advertising bod, borrowed by Hitler and perfected by the Soviet Union, who renamed it 'Public Relations'. It's actually 'Truth Economy' as specialises in spreading a very different view of truth to reality.

I do suspect there are hired trolls online to spread the party line in forums, as the identical quotes they churn out are too similar to be independent, and the veracity of the links they present are all about how to cope with climate change (ie tax people, make sure they run out of fossil fuel as fast as possible, and use the most expensive or dangerous ways to generate the little energy we will be allowed) than any that's actually happening. It's like researching a treatment for an illness that doesn't exist, with all the scientists and companies beavering away with our money subsidising them to make fairy water to get rid of the illness of wandering minds and imagination. Except carbon credits make money from that very fairy water, Bernie Madoff was sacrificed for doing the very thing, not because it was different, but he forgot to name his scheme 'Carbon' anything.

If I, for example, was to name this 'David's carbon blog' I'd be offered grants and advice how to present it, and probably get readers in the hundreds per day rather than the handfuls. The fact nearly all life on earth depends on carbon, is made of carbon and stops us from freezing seems to be overlooked by the insidious crooks like Obama (he has the mark of Cain now he's joined the enemy), who would be happy to extract it all and drop the temperatures to minus. Basically they would not just be bent if they did but totally fucking mad. Tweaking the climate is marginally possible, with about a million times more effort put in than the very dubious results. The Russians have been seeding the atmosphere with all sorts of elective pollution for decades with sod all success, and these arseholes say they can stop the temperature rising more than 2 degrees? Well as it wasn't going to they can't lose but if even one believes they could they should be certified. It's the biggest heap of lying shit I've heard since the Chinese tried to cover up Tiananmen Square.

Anyway, if you read the carbon pages in the papers and online you'd believe that a small rise in CO2 simply insulates the planet so the warmth can't escape as much. But if the details of how they both gather and present the information were shared by more than 1% in comparison most people would fall about laughing. But the inherent faith in authority and fear of chaos are enough to keep the sheep baaing and helping them by teaching poor innocent schoolchildren too young to be critical to talk about fucking carbon footprints. There is no such thing! We make urine and faeces and a discrete amount of rubbish. You can weigh that weekly like the Austrians (check their toilets if you don't believe me) but carbon footprints? And even if you could so what? Experiments by a proper university showed that as CO2 increased so did the plants in their own greenhouses, and that was it. Unlike humans, plants grow more or less indefinitely to a maximum limit, and the more CO2 within the sort of amounts we can produce means the rain forests they destroy can grow where still present.
All crops will increase yields, and if there really was a connection with temperature that would increase them even further. Basically a few degrees more would help everyone as the few made homeless would have a very long time to move, as they have before planes and trains could help them do it. The south Pacific for example have been shipping people back and forth for millennia as islands grew and shrunk as so low to sea level. They didn't need Al Gore selling flags for them. QED.


Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT. Keep telling the truth about the global warming hoax. In years to come it will go down in history like the hoax about the Piltdown Man. If anybody doesn't know about that please read it on Wikipedia

David said...

Thanks for the support Roger, I keep getting stick from the believers but see it basically as being a virus some are immune from and others can be talked out of. If a doctor was in the same position they wouldn't give up just because the sick patients thought they were trying to kill them.