Monday, January 11, 2010

Current status of climate change

The battle against our lives being wrecked by global warming taxes and billions thrown away on useless technology is turning each day. The new data against the ridiculous guesses of the studies based purely on some figures entered into a computer programme diverges from each one as we see the reality unfolding. The latest article saying oceanic oscillations drive about 50% of the climate every 30 years or so means something is already known to be more influential than CO2- why? Because the effects are here now. Not next year, 20 years or 50 ahead, it's been applied to the last four cycles and has happened totally independently from CO2 levels. Oversimplifying the most complex system of all, the one used to illustrate chaos theory, is a crime against science and its reputation. How long it will take to get its credibility back, and hopefully shake out some of the worst offendors who have done all they can to support regimes that steal our money in the name of a false cause.

If the warmists take it seriously then I have to. If they insist on doubling my gas bill then I take it seriously. If they waste our tax money (in a recession) on wind turbines I take it seriously. And most of all if our politicians get together in the UN and agree to lie to us I take it very seriously. I'd rather be talking about interesting things than spending hours reading and summarising articles, but unless a few people do then what'll happen? They'll assume we accept it and have barely any information not to. Until a scientist on their side comes out and admits they are wrong we won't have won, every other who says they are is discredited. They simply ignore the contradictory figures and aim at the messengers. If people finally get fed up with being ignored and patronised then one country at a time may jump ship as they realise it's better to be independent and let the others get on with it at their own expenses. So far only Saudi Arabia are 100% against accepting any actions on it, but maybe others may follow when their populations are pushed into poverty as a result of the new taxes we are all having to pay to be poured into the sea on alternative power, and into the pockets of the bankers in carbon credits. This is the one thing I will guarantee in 50 years, this will be known as the biggest scam in history, and I am embarrassed to be part of a society who dares to go along with it.


Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

EXCELLENT. I just hope that a million people, 99.99% of them being politicians read that blog. Keep uopthe campaign.

David said...

Thanks Roger, I can't stop as it would be like a doctor walking away from a patient. And your links helped no end as well as the Australian is often unique in publishing data no one else dares to touch. The latest stuff just arrived today so more to feed the fire.