Friday, January 01, 2010

Only the number's changed?

I'll start with my decided plan for this decade, to make a living as a writer somehow. 10 years plus both practising on the internet and writing essays and articles on therapy have prepared me both to write on my own topics and many suggested. I'll probably need the contact on the net as the conventional media need an Oxbridge degree or some type of family connection or gay action before they employ you, so I'll need to work at the ground level and offer my services around virtually to start with.

Back to the present out of about 8 people possible three arrived last night which was better really as allowed time and space for everyone and didn't use up all the food. Nice egg, cheese and salami sandwiches for a week now. Today was freezing but sunny so went to Hampstead Heath and walked around taking architectural features around the edge. Back online many people seemed to have done the same thing, it's the obvious place to go for anyone within a few miles and usually bring the camera as well. There was also a car show at the Ace Cafe in Neasden which I discovered too late but hopefully another next year. And if they also have fireworks in Hampstead Garden Suburb next new year I'm doing that instead.

I am still attempting the possibly final ever contact with the distant ex who blew me out after 35 years occasional calls. The home phone has gone, which I knew was possible, and have to keep trying the mobile now. No other plans really, besides taking some more art deco houses on Sunday and the rest will unfold when it comes. Half our lives happen despite our plans, and can be better than anything we could think up, so no need to rely on our own resources. I've seen how people can get power and status simply by persistence, either by joining a group and working their way up (never my way) or following an interest fully to the exclusion of everything else (my own way). It's more hit and miss as working alone and no organisation to know who you are, but once someone does notice you then you can become used. I forgot other routes as my own was the official get qualified and then get work, but so is just about everyone else so too much competition just by passing the exams. Then you need to add the persistence or you get dropped and sidelined.

It's worked already for my ufo investigations, and now needs to extend to other areas to stop the career coming to a halt. Besides that I've got a new trick that seems to be happening a lot more now, when a presenter on the radio is about to say where a caller or person is from I say it before they do as if I know it as well. They say 'and now John from' and pause and I say the word before they do. It comes quite automatically and naturally and probably a result of years of meditation. That's what it can do for you and only becoming part of the radio signal. I hope this extends and increases over time as it also shows others it's possible if anyone's there when you do it (very rare in my case but one day).
Has anything changed? Not a clue. But I'll end with a quote that sums up my own work in the last few years I got on Facebook:

January 2010 "Loss of basic freedoms has spurred a mass awakening and the next decade will be defined by a restoration of liberties"


Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

The next decade starts on 1st January 2011 NOT on 1st January 2010. There was no year zero AD or even BC. The last time I counted my toes I had ten not nine. So please I thought you had more brains to understand when a decade starts. It starts with one not zero.

David said...

My maths isn't worth relying on but technically if that's the case I was born in the 50s as well?