Sunday, January 03, 2010

The politically correct shall burn in hell

As my teacher says the problem with highs is they stop. You go up so you come down, and the longer you're up the more you get used to it and notice the difference. I'm still in energy phases though, suddenly everyone wants to visit. I don't mind normally but these are not just in little groups but successive days. Always the same and must be a message there but won't know till they've been.
Otherwise I'm still finding art deco houses to take and prove very popular. Plus the recent ones don't seem to have been online before, and though books exist Streetview got me the latest today. I still search in case there are any old signs left despite covering a 60 mile area, and the only one I expect to get is 40 miles away but can't check till the place opens next week that had it on their entrance.

I am easily bored, in the past I only had TV and the phone, then CB radio, and collecting. Now I have the internet which doesn't have limited channels and can create as well as watch, just like I always wanted to when watching pop groups on stage. I hate being in a crowd, but unlike most people love being in front of one. TV is one way, and going on stage the other. I've never done that since I was 13 and then just another of Fagin's boys in Oliver, with exams taking my life over for the next 11 years with small cabaret performances in front of a handful of people on the occasional weekend or holiday. So I'm currently finding the good in the smallest things, which you have to in the gaps. Besides sorting out two earlier sign photos Mike Allen was back on a phone in after maybe 10 plus years in the wilderness. I only heard about half an hour as heard him by chance but probably missed two shows. I hope that means a return when required.

Other than that it's going for walks, shopping and the usual photos when it's dry. The photo book hasn't materialised as predicted, despite aiming for last year. This year at all will be very nice. My latest Marks and Spencer vouchers mean more trips to Temple Fortune and trawl the charity shops and maybe see someone I went to school with (usually the same one, blanked me last time). Tomorrow is a mystery, my guess will be a short shopping trip and a few photos desperately searched for in places I've been to many times before, followed by very little TV (plus Big Brother for a few weeks from tonight). That is the basic skeleton and any more will be a bonus.
Three more Facebook messages have been sent, one to someone from school, one to an old teacher and another someone from school I wanted to know where they took their photo as could have been a neigbour. No replies. If they all don't that'll be 7/7 so my memory is clearly not a good one for many. I've always made toilet jokes, been as politically incorrect as it's possible to be (I'm fairly careful here as could get even more death threats otherwise), and said it how it is. Many people don't like that and act as if the truth can burn them so cover up using a blanket of lies and denial.

Well sorry guys, Muslims make up 99% of terrorists, black people commit more violent crimes in Britain than anyone else, politicians lie as the norm and are as dishonest as many criminals, women approach men a hundred times less than vice versa, and use sex for blackmail. Only poor people and epileptics use public transport, everyone who criticises Israel hates Jews (do they ever criticise China, Cuba, Rwanda, Sudan, Zimbabwe etc? Nope), Al Gore may be the biggest crook of this 21st century, overpopulation is the biggest threat to civilisation, immigrants do not fit in unless from a similar culture (the same goes for Brits abroad of course), anyone offering to save you money (or give it to you) is a crook, borrowing (except for houses) is for losers, if you build on low land expect to get flooded, people driving with mobile phones should get one warning and have their hand cut off if caught again, farts are funny and never lend anyone money outside your immediate family.

How many newspaper reporters let alone politicians would dare to say even one of those? I reckon maybe Lembit Opik with farts are funny, and that's about it. That's why I have to instead. Method in my madness.


Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

I totally agree with your comments towards the end. But hey you accused me in an email as liking confrontation yet here you are are doing it. ;-) Me I found out as a kid with certain physical disabilities that meant I was bullied at schools and at work that the best way to fight off such and not take their threats as serious was to inject humour into the subject even if it was subtle. It is called the British humour or in Australia being a larakin. The two nations plus the Irish and the Jews that in the world that uses humour as a basis of tolerance. Nowhere else do people laugh at themselves and at situations. The Asian and Middle East countries are notorious for being void of humour so hence their use violence against others. As you so rightly say what are causing the troubles in the UK and world-wide these people don't know how to have a serious discussion but have a bit of light-hearted fun into it. That is what I do with your Flickr photos and other Flickr friends, it is the Aussie larakin in me and the fact that I am still a Pommie bastard at heart.

Keep the fires of truth burning in your blog page during twenty-ten. Try to relax your quest for the woman of your dreams, it WILL happen.

Read more books by Alan Coren, Basil Boothroyd, and other great British humorists of the 50's and 60's and enjoy 50's/60's Ivor Cutler (read his poems and songs). Where are the great BRITISH comedy films like the Carry-On series and TV shows like Steptoe and Son, On the Buses, 'till Death do us Part, Beggar thy Neighbour etc? And shows like The Black and White Minstrel Show and Billy Cotton Band Show where there was FUN in the shows. So come on David in twenty-ten keep up that BRITISH tradition of FUN whilst being a bit confrontational to spur others to equally respond with their views in a humour way.

David said...

There is a slight difference though, I write my stuff originally and if anyone dislikes it are free to say so. I don't usually do it elsewhere. But either way if people say it how it is it may gradually become spread around and more people will say the same things as they've seen others get away with it.

You've hit the nail on the head with the sense of humour though, I remember noticing that when I was in Birmingham and got a hard time from every single bugger in authority there unlike those round here. You can see what I'm referring to. They seem to hate life, wait till they die and go to heaven and see this side as a chore. Not my problem though, they won't ruin my life.