Saturday, January 16, 2010

Have things stopped?

Today's question: Do I expect too much? There is defnitely no connection between effort and success, so the idea that I no longer have the energy to put such effort in as I did 20-30 years ago means nothing. You don't find the right woman or win the lottery by effort, you just buy a ticket or bump into someone and the rest happens by itself. So after a rare short run of success last year, where a series of totally unconnected leads got me old signs unthought of, and many preceeded by dreams of the correct type and location, followed by reading the Celestine Prophecy presenting the whole scenario to me after I'd experienced it myself could do no more than raise anyone's expectations. Then after spending the hours waiting to check a sign on Google miles away was looking for more, found one on the doorstep which I did and then went to the other that night to find it had already gone the bubble appeared to burst.

So despite the workings of the prophecy, everything seems to be back to the normal ups and downs as before. I'm still psychic as I have been one way or another most of my life, but can't see the thread of direction aiming me towards any of my goals as I had. One possible answer is there aren't any more signs within my range, and if not can't get anything by looking. But I had a dream where I saw one on Flickr rather than on a road itself, and am searching now just in case. The Akashic Records, the store of all information, is like a huge universal memory. We open our third eyes, ask for an item and wait for the answer. As we're not machines and have our five other senses going on as well then we can't get much of a reliable answer compared to a computer, but clear enough when it works.
So I've hit the plateau for now, I've collected what I have but other projects have stalled, each and every one. The women I've found online recently have unanimously avoided me so no progress there, and all the media stuff is on ice just as I was for the last few weeks.

At least I was finally able to go out as the snow melted today, and have more plans for the next trip whenever I get the chance. But they're all the usual mundane routine things, I know exactly the sort of things I'd like to be on their way, and even if effort was a factor I put in enough over the years with no reward it's stored up for when there is. I do see a very gradual creep in the global warming balance towards commonsense, and half is unavoidable simply because the predictions made some years ago are now meeting the years they predicted and not a single one corresponds. Not even with the engineered figures. Arctic summer ice has increased 26% from summer 2007 (they all said it was going to be gone within a decade, it'll have even more to melt first now), annual temperatures are not record highs as expected in 1998, far from them. In fact not a single thing any of them guessed corresponds with anything more than Al Gore's film scenario. If they were paid on performance some governments would be lining them up for a firing squad by now, let alone charging them for the variation from the reality.

I see no admission of guilt, not only would a reformed liar be in fear of his life but it would wreck the reputation of science for generations (it should be wrecked already if people had the sense to realise it), but a gradual acceptance maybe they'd been too enthusiastic, couldn't include all the factors (although every single one can be searched in seconds), and similar get out clauses which would basically imply it had been an inconvenient (good word that) diversion which they apologise for but were only doing their best at the time. I don't care how it blows out as long as it does. I can't afford the energy bills for a start, I don't want radiation threatening every single person on the planet (it travels in the wind as well as direct contamination), and want to see money spent on genuine causes currently being starved no less than when the aid packages are kept from the public in the third world. They are stealing the charity money from the blind box here, which is the most evil and cynical cruelty there is. Plenty of followers are not the thieves but the blind, and no different from the people who claimed Hitler was harmless before the war. They didn't do it but they didn't help. But every scientist and politician knows exactly what they're doing as unlike us they have free access to the raw data, and that simply says 'The climate is changing, and is different wherever you are and from how it was last year'. No shit Sherlock.


diver said...

'There is definitely no connection between effort and success'

Sure, I'd go along with that. 'Psychologists' of course will tell us that this is 'negative thinking' and 'learned helplessness' and that we probably need anti-depressants to help us become better workaholics and control freaks, so that we may learn the hard way that there's definitely no connection between effort and success ... I dunno, it's a crazy world isn't it.

In case I'm not back here before ... HB for the 29th David!

David said...

Thanks Diver, I saw every birthday past 40 as survival, so many people known and famous do drop off early so something positive.

Success seems to come when it chooses, my experience is energy phases and if you push a car uphill it goes nowhere, but a small tap downhill and it goes full speed. We give a little push but the energy decides what the car does.