Thursday, January 14, 2010

A summary already in 2010

Four inches last night, and that was only the snow. Work has been off as a result (well the appointment I was supposed to have anyway), as has been going anywhere besides the nearest shops. That'll be 8 more days tomorrow as it's not going anywhere before then. It seems in the snow when people can't go out they phone you instead, so whatever I may have done today the phone just kept going from start to finish. Not as if there was a lot else to do but won't know now.

I have however done one intuitive reading today simply as when you're doing telephone work it can come to you. It's part of shamanism and you simply put yourself where the other person is as an empath. I've been doing similar things since I started classes in 1991 and build up what I am able to do as and when it comes. There's little or no doubt when you do it either, you tune in and say how you feel as the other person. I must do it more now. It may even identify the only presentable woman within 20 miles who may be interested in me. I've been playing word drop which arrived a few days ago on Facebook, and suspect I've already reached my limits there but could play a lot more if it was possible to keep improving.

Otherwise nothing's apparently shifted, although what could actually shift now is another good question. The weather is clearly the likeliest, but besides that a few little trips are collecting till it does, one to Staples (wow!), the art gallery for the third attempt to get my money, and some photos in Hampstead. Of course I appreciate them all the more from having to wait, and did at least do an hour's work today on the phone which is paid just the same. I know I'm helping people, I also pushed a huge car out of the snow today as I had to do with my own last week, and the only help I currently need is someone to come over I can talk to. And that's a tall order. The previous visitors included the regular woman who moaned and whinged about her male and female friends and family for a couple of hours and buggered off, a previous regular who talked constantly from arrival till being dropped home many hours later which was only tolerated for the sex in between, and the rare little groups on high holydays (OK, new year and my birthday). Everyone else is a bonus, one dropped in as he returned home from a work placement, only to have a dodgy handbrake and see his car vanish at the bottom of the hill in two parked cars.

The people I visit dropped off suddenly when the main family left in 2002. I do little jobs for someone not too far away from time to time, see the elderly neighbour to hear (literally) her life history in chapters, can't see the other since his ex wife got an injunction banning him from the area after he divorced her, and all the others seem to have evaporated when people gradually moved further and further out so dropping in was all but impossible. If I was asked as well. So without any say in the matter besides my family I hardly ever visit anyone else, my father's neighbours occasionally when I go there, and that's about it. That contrasts with the 70s for instance, the years where I merged with seeing my own and my parents friends all over the area, and most were very posh indeed, million pound (at today's prices) houses, all professionals and many friends much higher status than my own family. I had a knack of meeting public school girls (although I did go myself for a while so not such a surprise) who were related to the ruling classes, I think it was only MPs (right to cabinet level mind you) rather than actual aristocracy, but I did know one woman who mixed with them and dropped names (ie The Queen etc) at any possible chance. The one I actually clicked with was worth millions even then and the main reason her mother banned me as a mere son of a judge as I didn't eat nicely. Her father was a fucking travel agent for god's sake, just a very successful one. In that case money talked louder than class.

I have seemed to drop the nostalgia for a while, I am fully aware of how good things could be then but am focusing more in the present now. I've also linked with some people from school days online as well which does help a bit even though the only one who did meet me was back from abroad for a couple of weeks. I see another at reunions but a bit too far to go and see although I know he's one of the only ones who would welcome me. Mind you he hadn't a clue who I was when I sent him the message, the only reason he knows me now is because I saw him recently although I remember everyone who was at every school in my years besides the nursery. I only remember about half of them. My memories haven't faded and remember walking past the hotel in Paris with my family in Christmas 1961, among many others of the hotel. And that memory helped me memorise cases and laws for three years at college as well as forcing me to become an amateur climatologist now, although I'd rather be a climaxologist or clitorologist. But beggars can't be choosers. If I must study weather patterns so be it.

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