Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama, the antichrist?

If the energy around me changed when I went to the sign which wasn't there, it has to change again. I was at a loss when I picked up a book that said the first step has to be by us, then the universe follows. All I did last time was spend a few hours looking for old road signs, I don't quite know where to start now. At least the momentum of global warming lies is speeding up now, two more scandals broke today with the Himalayan glacier data being based on one single comment in a conversation. Then the IPCC top climatologist turned out to be a railway engineer with an economics PhD and owns the companies getting their 10 million plus grants. When the hell will people get it? Do they have to see Al Gore burning babies to raise the temperature before they realise it's the biggest crock of shit since the Iraq war? If anything will biblically divide the world population in a way Jehovah's witnesses imagine then those who are the last believers to remain would be the ones I'd see getting it. Having the stupidity in the face of evidence that could have put Al Capone away on more than just tax evasion and pretending the case hasn't changed one bit are more than just stupid, they're bloody dangerous.

Without the sheep the wolves can't carry out their plans. Once the plan starts to fail one by one the sheep, on a linear scale, fall off the bandwagon. But so many are still there, and the foundation of their story, that CO2 is making the planet warmer, have been based on what literally (not figuratively) happens in a greenhouse. Now a greenhouse has windows, a stable climate and measurable effects. Take the equivalent CO2 to a planetary size, remove the windows, bring in wind, cosmic rays, volcanic eruptions, currents and jetstreams and suddenly there's a difference between doing your three times table and solving Fermat's last theorem. Except you can solve Fermat's last theorem. But the point is they assumed that when they measured a temperature rise and couldn't pin it down to the usual influences it had to be CO2. They haven't worked out how or why, just seen what they thought was a sort of correlation if you tried hard enough to make one.

Now the constellations are similar, randomly placed stars that look like animals and people, and the Aztecs sacrified people's hearts to keep it raining. If we want to be superstitious and appease the CO2 gods with money then we're no better than the Aztecs. And people are dying from famine by using the land for biofuels (subsidised unlike food) and restricting electricity and fuel for the poor. The new taxes will cost us more than the recession as if you don't rely on interest or an industry that can't ride a recession then it won't affect you. But record taxation can't be avoided unless you're the one collecting it (read Al Gore). Bernie Madoff fleeced greedy idiots who threw their cash at him hoping to make more without working for it. These new taxes affect all of us and the scale makes his pyramid scheme look like stealing dinner money. I'd say with all the new evidence being revealed those who still believe are gradually becoming like Nazi collaborators, those who tipped off the soldiers where the enemy were hiding in order to get some black market rations. If you don't speak against it you end up working for it. They've called us holocaust deniers (even though the holocaust happened before the present), and I'm happy to call them Nazi sympathisers, as since Hitler the evil bastards have had to become a lot more subtle as people can now see them coming otherwise.

I end with a repetition of my vote for Barack Obama as the likeliest candidate for the antichrist (except they will not be elected), as he has claimed (and been rewarded) to work for world peace, while supporting his predecessor (failed), Al Gore, with the combination of enthusiasm and power which can keep it going many times longer than without his interference. It was a dying cause when he was elected, and he single handedly became the biggest supporter (as the most powerful country in the world) meaning it will run (and steal) a lot longer than it could have without him. He may not get away with it as if more countries jump ship and he's left at the end he'll look like a twat and needs to suddenly find some crack in the argument and wriggle out before he becomes a passive war criminal. No guns, but economic wars are unwarranted sanctions. As I said, people will die while money for malaria and desalination projects are diverted to wind farms. This isn't a war against a country, it's against the world and as such by getting on it at the last gasp and leading from behind Obama has the most blood on his hands after the leader Gore, an appropriate name in the circumstances.

Maybe he's saving his birth certificate as a form of suicide pill if it all goes tits up?

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Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

EXCELLENT. RIGHT ON TARGETS. Keep up the good work. Maybe one day the .00001% of the world population that believe in global warming etc will realise that they are part of a Monty Python joke mixed with the Goons.