Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sense of humour tested

The comment thrown at comedians more than anything else is 'make me laugh'. The fact half of them don't actually write their own material instantly eliminates a proportion, and the rest vary whether they have formulas, groups to help or genuinely can do it. I think that group is the rarest and when I come here I'd often like to be funny, especially when sod all has happened to report, but it comes when there's a reason and pretty difficult otherwise.

The week ahead is already becoming booked, a visitor on Wednesday (dubious), photos tomorrow and one booking late on Thursday, so far. The photos are the best part, although local and variations on many houses I've found already. And there are only so many similar paths and straight roads to take before all the new ones look like others I've got before. This happens from time to time but always found something else to get. As for funny once I leave the realm of lavatories (stopped at about 16 and revived when I went on holiday and all the kids expected to be entertained) the rest really depends on subjects and circumstances. There are only so many ways to present periods, farts and incontinence and had all been done in ancient Greece let alone before I was born. Even the stories about my grandma (usually toilet related as well) died with her last June, although also variations around the same theme for many years. Detailed descriptions of bodily functions, commands to both control and describe your own in detail and other attempts to describe and control the world around her.

So I'm not sure where the humour in my life is at the moment. It does come and go randomly in all our lives, TV has gone right off in that respect and the few people who made me laugh on the internet seem to have vanished for some time as well. I still do my best, spread myself around (it's almost free for goodness sake so may as well) and the internet has not made me famous yet. It may however get me a little recognition after the IPCC have all stood trial for war crimes (against the whole of humanity) and I never wavered in my investigation for one second. If someone is telling a lie, although they have to slip in bits of truth (see the bible for description), the actual whole scenario is inaccurate. So tell people a glacier is melting (as they can see it) and extend that to the other 99.999% you aren't looking at as if it applies to all of them. But despite selected items always used as an apparent anchor to reality, circumstantial evidence means correlation never means causation. If there even is any.

So it's bedtime already, the faster I sleep the sooner I can go out and take the photos, and the framework for the week can always be added to when I get there each day. Something more could happen but no idea what and where from. But even if there's sod all you'll still hear about it. Telling the story afterwards is often more interesting than the events themselves. That is where I clearly take after my grandma. Except about my own bodily functions.

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