Friday, January 29, 2010

Completing the circle

OK, Michael Jackson got to 50, and then look what happened. But they still can't take that away from me, and managed to retain at least some hair on top despite it starting to leave around half a lifetime ago. I'm just the same though, give all the health back and I'm no different from 14 inside. Today was the usual challenge, freedom but no company. There was a booking at 7.30 but the daytime was free, I was up much later than expected writing this last night, but I learn more from writing than anyone as it allows material up from inside I didn't always realise was there so affects me directly.
Last night I made a list of photos and videos I could do before I went to bed, and realised Cricklewood a mile or so away had never been filmed as it's such a dump. So I drove a circle from end to end, with still photos along the way, and have more to show on the travel films. After uploading it all a minute after 7.30 I thought 'she's not coming', despite being a regular, and 15 minutes later I was certain. I was tired, the money always helps, but is a bit like cheating when you pass the event without it happening. No gain and not a problem but that money is now absent. Never mind, my health is probably more important and had a rest instead (in front of the computer).

Yesterday I was based in the past, and after what is now exactly 50 years (OK, at 6.45pm) will see if I can drag it towards the present and see what sort of a sandwich it makes. 1981 was the year my mother left, so half my life's foundation fell that day, and although kept the same environment another 12 years wasn't really the same. I was still very busy, besides studying and working I had loads of friends and went out nearly every night when I didn't have exams. No phobias back then, most people get them later than that as I did. I collected train tickets, driving up to 250 miles each way in a day to get as many as I could before they were withdrawn, and with the degree taking up more and more time till 1984 went out with any woman who was interested rather than run around looking and getting too distracted. So I was usually in a couple of sorts, but never satisfied with a single one of them. The best I think was physically reasonably good but half witted and lived in Essex so had to pack it in after the journey home took about an hour and had exams on the horizon. It was pretty easy to replace them but not with ones of equal quality.

So the remnants of my roots continued to the end of 1993 as with the same house hadn't changed my life enough to notice, although had my own flat as well from 1988 onwards where I came and went as I said yesterday. But always home to return to. Then when I finally had to leave I was still working in the same place till 1997 so had there to return to only a mile from the old house and people from school coming in regularly. Not being a fan of work I was quite happy when that ended and just fannied around and went on little holidays as no one would give me another job however many hundreds of applications I made. I had a girlfriend or three at the time (always all or nothing with me, and quantity over quality), and went to the Cotswolds and Brussels with one, plus going to stay near her in Manchester a couple of times. Her parents wouldn't let me stay there so had to commute. I also did my two day meditation course on the hottest days of the year in Brighton so used the freedom quite well at the time. Now we're only just over 10 years from the present.

In 2000 I got a call from the shop I'd left my details with months earlier who asked if I wanted to manage their new branch. The fact it was so far into Harlesden it was actually just before Willesden Junction station and the week I spent there was totally free of customers. Just before I left on the next Monday he called to say he was renting it out and that was the end of that. The record shop which took over was actually very busy, but no use as an opticians out on the edge of town. That put me off the whole thing and found some decent home study courses, and within 2 years had reached the top level of the profession, allowing me for the first time to apply for counselling jobs. I did plenty of that, had a half day long group interview in 2003, met 5 other counsellors there with me, missed the cut and went away after lunch while the other half stayed for shortlisting.
Besides that I'd been attached to various shops and healing centres, with a total of around four bookings in that period, one who didn't pay me. I was destined to work from home from then on.

But I decided to try shop work again and just carry on my private clients, and walked the length of the main roads asking any suitable outfit, including the ones with notices in the window. I was offered an interview by WH Smiths, left the CV there and heard nothing since. But from 2001 I was doing my voluntary work as an alien abductee counsellor and debriefer, and had a few people a year here plus others I communicated with indirectly. That led to my chosen TV career in 2006 which turned out four programmes in total and hope to continue. So that was the thread from 1980 where I left off yesterday to 2010. I don't think anything now is connected to my old life, my grandma died last year so although the house remains it's as dead as she is. Just visiting a grave now. My parents remain at opposite ends of London but neither house has much to do with my old life, dating back to 1983 and 1992. My mother's was just two fingers to me as even my stepbrother was welcome there as his father was in charge, and I was kept at arms length as he couldn't stand me. So the only associations that house has is being where my mother avoided me. No nostalgia there.

So somehow I want to come full circle, bring the present back to the past but with awareness. I didn't make it happen last time, I was just dropped there by my parents and watched as one went away and then the other. No control at all. Besides photos I can't really see any connections now besides the short times when I go and visit the old patch. None of my old lot there now really, only a few people I know as they live near my mum. Breaking the link meant whoever came and went while I've been elsewhere did it without my knowledge so really have no connections and would have to start from scratch if I ever went back.
I've no idea what can be done about it but I am still aiming in that direction. The key has to be meeting another person there but how the hell is that likely to happen?


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY You have about another 40 years to go if you don't get hit by a bus etc before old Father Time takes you away to the stardust stream before you then restart life as something else.

Interesting life and I note that there is the coincidence or is it mere fate that where as I was born in, schooled, lived and worked in Harlesden NW London you too have a connection with Harlesden with employment. It has been said before that many people who become friends or partners have sometime in their lives either crossed paths or had a strange coincidence in their lives. I have come across this many times in my life. One is that my late wife stayed in Norwich on holiday when I lived there and we would have crossed paths because of events we recalled.
Life has many strange routes. It all depends on which map you follow and how you get there.

David said...

Thanks Roger, I have got this far and how I did it was quite unusual I'd think.
I can't remember now if I found you from the Brent group in which case we couldn't help covering the same ground, the shop was the extreme end of the High Street where no one ever passes. I worked in Golders Green and Temple Fortune for years though, as well as Hendon and Harrow so covered a lot of familiar ground.

Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

You must have worked in Harlesden near the old Willesden Citizen office and on the other side was a stationers whose name escapes me but was an old family company. There was also a mini-cab office and there was the very large service station and shop and how could we miss the Dole office built on the site of the Willesden Hippodrome. Memories, just memories. I met you through the Brent group.