Friday, January 08, 2010

Snowed in, day 2 (series 2)

Due to being snowed in for the second time in a month I've got a bit more time online than even usually. I managed to walk to the shops at least, the main roads are clear and everything else has 4 inches of snow with a layer of ice underneath. Yesterday wasn't too bad as I needed a rest, but today didn't need nothing happening. I scanned even more old photos online, watched the rest of my videos and washed up at last (6 visitors altogether so plenty to be done). And while we're indoors avoiding the weather the smug twats from the government are all over the TV and radio telling us not to stop believing in global warming. At least preachers are honest and believe what they're telling us.

So I'm running short of things to do, if I can get out tomorrow I will, as will the appointment booked to come to me first. This is when living alone really hits you as being able to go out at least changes the scenery and may ever speak to someone real as opposed to at a distance. Doing this becomes a challenge as well, but if I want to end up as a writer then it's good training. So looking at my plans, not one has yet to materialise. I was 100% right about the timing of the book, no publisher I've ever come across can get anything but the most major issue out on time, the rest just hang about as a final afterthought. Just don't try and pretend there is a planned date and no one will be disappointed. TV programmes are just the same which I am well aware of. Except the twit who said January, and told me a few days after it was on on the 2nd. Either way they usually manage to get it wrong.

I am learning not to look more than a day ahead, but still have hopes without actually trying to set them up. There's the trip to the sign in Surrey if there, otherwise pretty unknown, the Facebook count is now 1/7 from the messages which is just the bare minimum above sod all of course. I really am doing my best, but although it has got me through this far would really like a bit more than just getting through. The online party which is the latest edition of Facebook (it didn't used to look like that) is great as it goes, but as some really are friends wonder how with each living in extending rings from here why I may only have seen about three of them in the last couple of years? Some are back from the past and not quite all have gone to America or Australia (why the fuck would anyone want to live in a warmer but less civilised clone of Britain anyway?) but no sign of actually meeting any again besides one who came back for a quick visit from almost as far away as that.

I also believe it's not unreasonable to get a little more recognition for my efforts. Even though they are all driven by personal interest doesn't mean because I'm not suffering for the results they are worth any less. Looking online I have easily the biggest collection of old direction signs in Britain, despite starting the photos 45 years after they stopped using them. My research into global warming is probably as much as any of the a-holes paid more per year than I've earned my whole lifetime, and all I get for that is insults besides a few allies here. The simple message there is I am trying to help. None of the sods telling you not to drive or fly care one bit about you, they just want to tell people what to do. I have the time and communication skills to discover and share what may actually allow people to escape these chains if enough start to see the light.
And as for the self satisfied bastards I used to go to school with, crowing on their profiles about their jobs, wives and children as they frequently flee the countries of their birth for some flyblown outpost, and can't even be bothered to reply to a message after choosing to go on an old school site then I really don't know how much more I can do.

So I hope for a little more, I believe I deserve it, and expect absolutely none of it.

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