Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blockage removed

Well bugger me, a day later or less after the last entry, where everything had been blocked since the reverse event to the road sign/general guidance of my life arrived, it came back! I'd started switching from my old road photos which were all scanned in to the houses and had a few to pin down the locations. I was looking on all the little roads around Stanmore when I saw an old sign I'd never come across before, not the familiar 'danger children' (to anyone over 50 anyway, they died out by the time I was about 5) but 'beware children'. Following rule 1 of the spotter's list, I checked all surrounding roads and bingo, a related 'caution children at play' was round the corner, which is a current sign usually on lawns near roads as all these were. Thank goodness the next day I found them both intact (the images are well over a year old now) plus a spare one on the next block without lichen on it but bent instead. The other was perfect but a layer of green as many do if they face the direction scouts use to navigate. And I had to do some work at what's now half my house which was half way there already before I could go and look.

So my faith is at least temporarily restored. It's been about a month since the weekend where I found a direction sign so close I must have passed it while waiting to see a much further warning sign which was absent when reached. Then all stopped, I lost my faith (although can't lose the awareness things could be guided), and saw life just as it had been before, usual synchronicities and psychic information but just randomly with no direction. Since then I've been taking and scanning more photos of houses with more to come I've found online, and doing bits of housework. I can relax for a while (while continuing to Streetview till complete) although I think besides the very common no through roads these were the first information signs I've found since Streetview arrived 10 months ago. Unlike directions which are nearly all at junctions of important roads information signs are literally anywhere. Bearing in mind I've only found maybe 20 in the whole of London then you can see how unlikely you are to fall over one by chance, and the red triangle in Barnet was covered by a tree on Google so couldn't even see it when I looked.

So not one but three (two new to me and one repeat of it) signs have allowed me off the hook for some time, all are welcome but not so desperate now. There are some very nice houses I've just found near me I'll do during the week so one more trip covered, and no more worked out beyond or before but just let things take care of themselves. Of course my (very big) birthday follows on Friday (no comment) and people coming the day after, and although it's only a small patch do still have some hair left on top for the next decade which was always in question. I'm also doubling my chest weights and exercises as 7 years on my arms and legs are huge and my chest barely different. The weights themselves are up to my own body weight now, but either way have now started focussing and can do 6 sets of pushups (65 kilos at the moment) rather than the usual 3. I also take all the weights down as low as possible since someone picked me up on that. I weigh about 74 kilos (11st-10) and can lift 80 just to prove I can, but only a few. I'm not really bothered about the coming landmark, the quality of life is far more important and coped with the previous ones already. And women may change with age but plenty of good ones regardless. So no special 'old age' plans (yes, Saga will accept me and we know who they cater for...) but just keep the same ambitions going and hope first the book comes out with my photos in as planned for next month and the others follow. And I can only make the starts but never affect the outcomes directly. Only exams can follow those sort of routes.

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