Saturday, September 18, 2010

The nature of God

As requested by Roger, my current knowledge on god. I am no believer but suspect there may be something quite different behind the religious view. But for everyday life something few have thought of- 'who cares?'. Everything is exactly as it is. If god exists it's a bloody mess, if not then that's random and as you'd expect a mix of the best and the worst and everything else in between. But if god made it then so what? It's just the same however it came about.

Religion however is manmade. Does anyone who's followed their rules for a lifetime done better than those who haven't? I don't think so. It's made some quite normal people do some very bad things however and believe we could all do far better without any at all.

But there are areas we can't explain. Our senses only go so far, as do scientific instruments. If you can't see it or measure it today doesn't mean it's not there. I did just read something by the German Abd-Ru-Shin written almost 100 years ago saying god was not omnipresent, but separate from us in a different dimension. That makes as little sense as any other theory, but shows they don't all agree. My take on the usual view of it means we are aware of god in everything we are aware of now. If we become adepts then we become god as creators. The multiverse would be every creation beyond our own. That makes mathematical sense and would mean my awareness is god, and rather than actually choose how things are and know my identity actually got bored, started a 80 or so year long dream, after which I'll wake up and start all over again (reincarnate). The only way to stop this is to wake up before I die, in which case I become enlightened and end all reincarnation as I realise I'm god as I've become bored with the dream. That's what the Buddhists say and is more logical than the rest. No other god than 'I am' (as named in the bible), enlightenment is when this becomes an aware reality.

You then have to think from God's perspective. Creating all this would have to be to keep occupied. Worshipping him (ie yourself ) wouldn't make any sense, and the rules would be based purely on pleasure and pain, as they were our only true guides. Look for pleasure, avoid pain and then learn to do the same for others. Who needs religion for that one? Animals do that up to a point as far as pleasure is concerned, and some do help others as well as anyone with cats or dogs would know when they do something on their own to look after you. But a god wouldn't expect his creation to not only worship him, but then go a step further and worship what to our senses is nothing. You'd design human beings to progress only if they worship a totally invisible creator? One who has also built in so many apparently pointless faults- parasites, viruses, old age, baldness, all the massive yawning gaps and still say a perfect being designed an imperfect universe?

On the plus side I am able to receive information as many others are. Neale Donald Walsch claims his is direct from god while others like me believe it's from the Akashic Record of all information, or possibly from the minds of beings higher evolved than us who guide us indirectly making it appear the good ideas are ours when in fact they've added help when needed. Not enough of course as we still have Al Gore, but only god himself is perfect. Beyond normal consciousness is meditative consciousness, I've got there for a few minutes and felt prana for many hours, and without meditation are unlikely to find that. But they're real and not a single person can convey it to another. Those who claim to experience god can't either, it's in its nature if real so far, although as omnipotent could indeed decide to change the rules at any time (like Big Brother) and show up just like Jesus was meant to have done. I reckon besides the miracles I'm as good a bet for that as anyone.

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Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

I blame god for the global warming and all the floods etc., He is saying "you invented me in your tiny brains so now you must be punished if all you people don't be nice to each other."

Did you read that item in the new about the Pope's astronomer who is saying that aliens on other planets are all sons of god. Odd I was taught that god had only one son and child and that was Jesus and he died to save us humans from evil, which because humans still have wars, murders etc Jesus was a twit to die like he did because he didn't stop all the evil after he died. And if Jesus as the only child of god and he was sent to planet Earth to save us from sin then that means all the other planets must be wonderful places to live and free from sin and evil.