Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Why are people left wing?

Peter Hitchens said in yesterday's Mail that the left are "Pro EU, pro PC, anti Israel and fanatically believe in global warming". He summed it up pretty well for me, and while noting this for the future, my only comment was "Yes they do, but why?". I think I'll do an essay on this actually as have roughly in the past, but he's tied it down very well. It's actually saying they want powerful and unaccountable government (EU) lack of freedom of speech (PC) anti Jewish and gullible. In the same people. Feh!

As we all the want same things ultimately- food, comfort, friends and family etc, why would we then not just try and deny other pleasure to not just other people but ultimately themselves? Do they really want to live with power rationing, unelected politicians, Jews wandering the world whenever their country decides to expel them (currently being persecuted in ex-Soviet Union, as if that gets reported), being prosecuted or sacked for calling someone a spastic (not because they're insulting them but because the term has been changed), and basically leading a miserable regulated life much like under Mao?

Remember finally the leaders of all totalitarian states don't live like the people- the Soviet Communist Party, Fidel Castro, and any other throughout history, yet these citizens of democracy are calling for it here as well? Beats me, and if they were analysed would beat them as well once it dawned on them what they were wishing on themselves. Pain is pain and they haven't yet got the point


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Socialist leaders throughout the world have an un-written motto. "Don't live like I do but how I want you to do." This means that it is OK for them to own their own large houses, have expensive cars, furniture, clothes, wines, pat low taxes, have overseas holidays, shop at exclusive private shops and employ others to do the cleaning, gardening, and allowed to read what they like and actually think for themselves etc But the population must live in rented accommodation provided by the government, drive in small government made cars or bike or preferably use government owned public transport, have only cheap quality clothing, drink beer and cider, do not have overseas holidays, do all work themselves, pay high taxation to pay for the government servants who do the taxation and administration of the people, the public are not allowed to think for themselves, support any commercialism and only read government owned newspapers and books. The government own the people and decide 100% what the people do. This is why socialist leaders are actually known as champagne socialists. Socialism (Communism) has only been successful twice in life forms and that is ants and bees and even these have their conservative independent varieties that live alone and do what they want rather than have their lives controlled and manipulated by others.
If you vote or support for socialism and that now includes the Green Party, then it means that you are un-able or un-willing to think for yourself and control your own life. It means you want a permanent nanny to look after you.

David said...

I don't think I could have summed it up any better- the incredible thing is why would a single person choose such policies yet much of the world has, including again your own country. People must know they're going to lose their freedoms and seem happier not to have to think as you said. I can only think pure human weakness. My parents were very left wing yet now more or less agree with the tories as they've seen the alternatives in practice for themselves and one by one ditched the policies when they were personally affected. Why it takes so long for people to realise beats me. The first policy to go was comprehensive schools when I was due to go and cost them a fortune on school fees to avoid it.
They don't believe in exploitation but if capitalism is regulated by laws such as we have had for a century in some cases you can have the best of both worlds.