Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Living in my fantasies

I think I'll stay in fantasy today. There are two worlds, that of our wishes and that of our lives, and there is a small overlap where the two coincide. There are a few details added, that being happy is more important than the details and that we don't know in advance how many wishes will make us happy, but if it makes us happy imagining them we tend to be on the right track.

I'd start with women, the Venn diagram there is abysmal, Two circles of who wants who, roughly equal sizes at least but a very small intersection after nearly 40 years of dating. Then there's the media career, and would like a programme of mine on terrestrial TV and an article in a national paper. I've been close already and quite possible however slight. Then any actual good news or even miracles. Those are by grace, or maybe from things we did long ago which appeared to have no result but has been delayed for later. I've missed or lost many valuable things so to have a second chance for any would feel like a miracle at least, and then the sort of news involving any area that has been stuck, possibly even apparently dead. Finding there is indeed alien life, Al Gore has been cooking the books, getting an apology from a few people who are as yet unaware they are able to do such things, getting enough money somehow to move back to where I used to live, finding there's no congestion charge in London, hearing from an old lost friend, getting my friends back here from America, discovering a new cheap fuel, being invited to live with a woman I want to live with, and getting into Mensa as I lost my old test results which should have got me in 40 years later.

Think as big as you like, miracles can't be large or small as all defy known reality. The Secret promotes this view and I've managed a few of my own using it, which may or may not have happened otherwise but did nonetheless. But there are times in life when what's actually here seems whichever way you look it can't offer what you need at the time, so would be right for a miracle to break the drought. That's the element of grace, unearned wealth, and although happens occasionally is no easier to call up than actual rain when you haven't had it for months. The methods I used still took some time and can't be sure it was them or my own efforts but the results were quite tall orders ahead of the results. The Berlin Wall fell, Franco was deposed, Bernie Madoff was finally caught. Justice can be done but how long we have to wait for any form of oppression, stress or disappointment in life to lift is the essence of grace. The longer these situations last the more people suffer, but some do end sooner or later, as do our own Berlin Walls and dictators. Some are changed by sheer hard work but others just seem to run out of steam and happen almost naturally.

Looking at Karl Marx we are in a period of dialectics now, the division between left and right hasn't been as clear since I was born, they have two clear agendas and currenly the left are running away with the support, not just in certain countries now but worldwide. Left wing governments are being squeezed in despite a spread of votes, made more so by taking on radical minorities to form coalitions. So although no country on earth has voted for the hard left they end up influencing policies. Then despite being painted blue we find governments in Britain and France borrowing policies which some Labour leaders would have hesitated at in the past. So despite apparently right parties getting in they now borrow whatever is fashionable now regardless of their original allegiance. The Tea Party movement is the first to rise up against this trend, fuelled by what I'd call the surprise landslide by Obama. The US just doesn't have it in them outside the coastal areas to support such policies and now the traditionalists (ie the antithesis) are beginning to emerge to balance the bias.

So November the 3rd is the first test for the new synthesis, if the Republicans win the senate then the first nail in the coffin of worldwide socialism is in place, and being the most powerful country in the world whatever China want to think maybe will send a message across the world. Don't be fooled by party names and prior policies, look at what they're doing now. Bailing out banks is Keynsianism. Iceland are the only country I know of who didn't bail theirs out as nearly all the investors were foreign, so as they are now bankrupt it's mainly affected outsiders and they've been saved the expense of diverting money to save failed investments. But where they did bail the banks out we all lost as whose money was used to do it? It'll be decades to pay it all back rather than let the loss lie where it falls plus the statutory compensation which would have covered the basic losses for all regardless. And with the EU in charge few European countries now have enough power over their own laws to matter who gets elected now anyway. The EU on the whole are a collectivist autocracy, totally unelected (all law making is done by the Commission who are answerable to no one) and legislate for their own purposes, while slowly but surely turning Europe into a similar version of China but with worker's rights (a true left wing policy China has never adopted).

So returning to miracles, maybe the world will shift in November from oppression to freedom, never totally either as the synthesis combines old and new, but not as extreme. We need freedom at every level as do animals. No one wants to live in a zoo or be told where they can go and who they can mix with. Make laws to protect people from crime and that is it. And crime being hurting people only, not breaking any laws the government chooses to make. No moral or local laws, just don't do anything that hurts or deprives a person of their property or liberty. That is quite adequate and ought to apply across the world as people are all the same in those respects.

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