Thursday, September 02, 2010

Seeing the obvious?

In one of the few private sessions I had with a teacher he told me to see life as a soap opera. Not very profound I thought, but maybe did mean to watch it all as an observer as there's nothing I can do to change it as it's been written already. It does seem that way sometimes. With my clients with actual outside problems like illness, bereavement or disability which aren't of their own creation in any way it's a different ballgame from the usual confused ones. They are routine, but for people who can't change anything firstly few actually see them as an issue as most people accept their situation automatically. They go off on other tangents which I can work with, but if was just their fixed part could only say to do what they are able to, not focus on the problem, think of any activity they may have missed and try and lighten the situation in any way I can.

So for my own situation if I had someone else with it I could only check those points and do little more. I can't cure things in people's lives, no one can except reportedly Jesus, whereas Buddha who came first taught people to accept things exactly as they were at the time. A high aim but one I believe is possible. Till then we can only make the best of it. The typical game of pontoon, do we stick on 17 or bust? Do we take the only decent offer we've had for years and be stuck/content with it or wait for possible nothing better? I think these answer themselves over time, I've lost a few good ones in the past when too green to know what to do, but that's a long time back. I know a good chance when I see it now and if only passable rather than ideal is a big compromise to take which in the female department would not be doing myself justice and would still be looking elsewhere which is not a good idea.

So if I'm given a task I will carry it out sooner or later, and later if it takes time to assimilate. I hope like the better soap operas this one will become more interesting and work out some of its bugs to decent conclusions. I think most do sooner or later, and the other benefit of soaps is the issues don't actually affect you. That must be another point he meant, although these carbon taxes do reduce my bank account although not in any effective way (so far). And knowing the number of liars, cheats and utter morons out there doesn't help either as they get on my nerves whenever they open their mouths in public or to me directly. I honestly didn't realise the collective IQ was so poor, each time the IPCC or some cunt who is paid to tell stories gets caught yet again they all say it doesn't affect the science. Now if the science was good you wouldn't have people cheating to present the case would you? IQ failure every bloody time.
So as I didn't spend three years studying law for nothing I can use the degree to say that whatever people's knowledge of their own profession it's always limited by their own capabilities. So when 99.9% of a profession believes the cause of stomach ulcers while one doctor doesn't, the minority just has more ability than the rest. So we have one Hungarian climatologist who has shown from current measurements (not computerised guessing machines) that CO2 can't raise the temperature, gets a peer review and that's it. Ignored. The majority (97% consensus if you believe the small sample claim of the leaders) couldn't work it out as a couple said 'it's not clear why it's getting warmer (er, nature mate) so it MUST be man made CO2, and the rest clapped and joined the religion that pays their own massively increased energy bills.

You shouldn't need an IQ over 100 let alone a law degree to see all this clearly, yet only the wise and wonderful, to borrow a hymn, seem to get it we do seem to be fucked unless one by one these sheep's low intelligence is challenged so much by new revelations the threshhold for noticing it will gradually fall until not enough are left to keep the bubble afloat.

These exercises are the same for my own IQ as the gym is for my body, but in the end would like to win a campaign rather than go along for the journey and get absolutely nowhere. It also builds my journalistic experience, collecting and communicating ideas, which is the plan for my next career move (will announce in a month please god), and doubt that sitting back and waiting for global warming to blow itself out will be more satisfying or beneficial than watching Big Brother or an election and not voting myself in case it makes a difference. Then you can't complain you didn't do something whatever the outcome. I meet many new people as well, as well as some absolutely revolting opponents. I just said elsewhere that besides the clear left-right divide (the left are those who wish to impose on others that which they could never bear themselves) there's a connection with belief in global warming and religion. Should be as the two are only faces of the same phenomenon. Blind faith and control of every aspect of your life. Energy celibacy. Not just for them (if they do) but everyone. Well fuck you green activists but you aren't ruining my life or anyone elses'. And like Rajendra Pachauri, the boss of IPCC, he has an electric car but gets the limo to work every day, and every green activist from top to bottom is exactly the same. Or delusional.

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Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

I am still waiting for the environmentalists in the world to come up with a better alternative to using toilet paper and water to wipe posteriors and flush the faeces away. Also wasting water to wash with. Both are a wasteful use of trees (toilet paper) and fresh, often much filtered etc, water.
My better alternative way is that evolution do a very quick spurt so that humans do not have to consume other life for food which is then excreted out as faecal matter. We could obtain all that is needed for life from the Sun and the energy to move about etc from the Sun. Climate change problems thus solved. We need to change our bodies not the way we live. All you religious people out there please ask that bloke in Heaven why didn't he do it? And hey you climate changers if we are supposed to look like that bloke God then Heaven must be in the same poor state as it is on Earth.