Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Out of school

Oy a broch, he's back, and fully medicated. I got the thumbs up from the doctor in around three minutes flat, a possible record of efficiency and can now get my botty tablets from the chemist as well which saves a prescription. I'm now free to do basically sod all, get my food tomorrow and possibly an eye test if he's free. I hope I can actually get my magazine article the following day, I've no idea who sells it round here without a number of phone calls and not sure if it's being posted to me either. The shops I checked hadn't heard of it so not that simple.

So I'm a free man (as far as that goes) for now anyway. No plans, no ideas, inspiration or otherwise, and that's about it. There are more global warming graphs for the files and nothing less than a worldwide fraud which is impossible to hide for long as the graphs clearly vary from the alternative data. Climategate was the only thing that lost them a few supporters, as worse than realising your rulers are crooks, no one likes being made to look as stupid as they actually are. I may see a crack in their armour.
Let's see which other projects take off next. If I'd been working in an office doing the same work and research I do now I'd be respected for it, somehow people who work from home are usually considered wasters unless they earn a fortune from it or are famous. I work from home partly as no one wanted to employ me elsewhere besides a few hours a week and my anxiety shut the door to anywhere more than a mile away since. Big deal. Judge by what people produce and the internet now brings every world library to me, rather than Finchley library which was the best I could do unless Hendon had it first (except you could park at Finchley).

I have little else I can think of, will see what tomorrow brings besides some expensive (donated mind you) food, and may make another social call to a woman in case we can come to some sort of mutual agreement to meet somewhere convenient for me. The rest is handed over to my guides.

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Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

The New Scientist magazine is now changing its opinion about global warming and now saying it is SOLAR activated and being very careful how it reports items about climate and weather.

There is increasing evidence from NASA that with the increasing Sun spot activity that the world is COOLING and is heading for major weather disruptions in 2012/13 of a COOLING nature.

South Australia had its longest and COLDEST Winter for 60 years and the Spring, starts here on 1st September is already the COLDEST for 18 years.
Other parts of Australia are also experiencing record breaking COLD and WET weather.

South Australia has been told to expect very COLD and WET weather until after Christmas.

Once again today I woke up to see and feel FROST and we will get the same again tomorrow. This is VERY RARE for the end of September.