Friday, September 03, 2010

Getting the point

Firstly an update on my advice to change. It takes general advice some time to sink in but it usually does, and having looked at my situation firstly I realised you only work on one area at a time, and that area has to be finding a local friend. In the past I'd never needed to actively look for a friend as they were around all my life, so no idea how it'll happen, but I've aimed in that direction and will see what follows.

Otherwise I've seen the not a date woman again, and sadly unless her mental issues are sorted out (unlikely after 20 years) we're both buggered as she won't be any use to herself or any man if she's constantly being persecuted in her mind. At least I know but typical of how only the damaged goods remain, while the others have a three day window or so when they're single once in a blue moon and then taken again. That's like winning the pools (who remembers them?) so not really within consideration.
So there's really no system as yet, but as I've discovered my life is guided then it still must be. I've learnt how intuition is above science as that actually tests and drives the greatest inventions, and many weren't even made by scientists, they back engineered them to see how they worked but didn't have the ability to work them out from scratch. This also leads the detective work as just sensing something is wrong or real makes you seek it out. You can't demonstrate it to a scientist but once you've tested it a few times and realised it was right then it became a trusted guide above all others.

Of course intuition works better outwards than inwards, so still barely able to apply it to my own life or I'd be a succcess in everything, but it writes my articles and does my work for me as well as discovers many things about the world and people in it. There are good and bad people, some change but usually to being good than vice versa, although rare. I can spot both now often in minutes and some who are good and act bad are overlooked as I can see it's not from the heart. Others want proof and you wait till someone steals something or ends up in court but may take years. But I see it straight away. It stands out a mile for many criminals, and would trust many of the good people I've only met online as you can tell from very little once you can.

Back to the guidance, a month today I may be a published author. I've had ambitions all my life and still quite a few to be fulfilled. Some are but have no effect, others are only steps to the ultimate level, but all count. This isn't a national paper just yet, but a major landmark. I've had a magazine article about me but not one I've written so far in the public area anyway. I know getting bored doesn't come into it as some things are being set up in the background, and while they are (especially if I'm not aware of it) life gets boring. Looking back things either just fell into place, or put incredible effort into making them happen. The effort is direct in business but for pleasure almost pointless. The best you can do is find what's going on and if you like it then go there. It may be shit but it may get you what you want sooner or later. But besides going out on the pull at weekends there is little else you can do besides following your interests which we all do anyway, and the rest is from outside. It's time for some grace here (unearned gifts) as it must be my decadal turn by now...

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