Thursday, September 16, 2010

My guardian angel

So who thinks we have a guardian angel? And who would like one? And if we do then how do we still manage to get in so much trouble? Good question.
Anyway, I often find that if I have a subject (and often when I don't) I start writing about something and the information just comes to me. I've barely ever paused on any of my writing since I no longer needed it to be marked, and rarely had to edit anything for publication or had it edited (although the bad ones grammar wise do need eviscerating by me first but can usually spot them before they get sent away). Conversations with God is written that way, half anyhow (that's the God bit), as many others claim. It's God's own job to justify some statements when apparently written for me, and just have to be patient and hope the proof comes out somewhere else later, although I'm usually quite confident it's correct regardless.

Maybe we have to show we can look after ourselves before it starts happening? Tough love? I certainly only started getting it after 49 years where I did it all myself and have the damage to prove it. I didn't screw up everything, did well on many, but like any other set of tasks got some so badly wrong it caused major problems. All I have is what I have now, aren't too bad considering but the anxiety is way beyond what it should be based on all sorts of similar events in the past. My lower brain is reacting before the thinking part and only tablets and miracles can retrain it or bypass it in the slightest. I'd like the angel to work on this next as it can spoil more or less anything and probably totally a waste of time to have it at all.

Otherwise I'm just getting on with it, a couple of women are around (just like waiting for buses, always has been), neither adequate to requirements but unless others (one will be nice) arrive will have to do. It's stopped me wasting time or being lost this week anyway and better than being on my own within reason. Maybe the criticisms I've been getting recently were so I could realise not to judge myself whatever others were doing, as it ought to make me realise I'm not doing anything wrong by disagreeing with them rather than bending to their judgement as most people do. That helps no one in the end as if you make them feel they're wrong and it's their fault (even if it is) they only take it as insults and teaches them nothing. You have to present any help or advice in a caring way or it's just more rudeness and we instantly turn off when that's offered. Goodness knows if any of the unconverted have been changed by what I write on anything, but if I don't then I'll never stand a chance. And rarely if ever learn the fruits of my labours but that's not part of the formula.


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

As a former believer in God and Heaven but now a total non believer for reasons already told to you I am still awaiting your blog here on YOUR reasons for believing in God, the master creator of the Universe and all that is in it and us. How big is he is size, what does he look like? What does he and those who get to heaven eat and do there? Where in the universe is Heaven and how big is it? The Bible describe sit as a very small place with twelve gates etc. How does our soul get there and how does it transform us back to a whole person fully well again? What is the Soul?
Answers please because I have yet to meet a religious leader who can answer such and have known many in my 68 years of life and I still have several who are very close friends and although I have my church connections and do work for them on the computer etc I don't go to church for various reasons including my now non-beliefs. When I die there will be no funeral service etc just a simple cremation and my ashes used as a fertiliser for a tree. Anyway I await your blog here about God and Heaven.

David said...

That's a good idea, and will follow. But I've never believed in god but know there is far more around than we normally get from our senses and science as I've experienced it myself. I don't think god has to be part of it though.