Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to me

I may be busy on the global warming project, but still have my philosophy working and observing. All the division between people is based mainly on misunderstanding, as well as greed where those either want what they don't have to be shared with them, or want it for other people who haven't asked them to work for them. In the end we all need the same things, and want more or less the same things albeit from many different ways. But people focus on the differences, see others as not like them and fight them as they aren't. I may as well use global warming as a good example as any, if there was global warming we'd have to deal with the consequences. Trying to learn the causes is one thing, but trying to prevent it before we know and before it's happened isn't going to change anything besides what they've done to our world through their policies.

But we all want to avoid disaster, but some have less understanding of our limitations, more so even less understanding of what a disaster is. So even though if there was a disaster we'd all want the best ways to lessen its effects, but until then simply imagining a disaster and then trying to stop it in ways which are nothing more than giving experts and investors money and restricting as many aspects of our life (eg coal and light bulbs) as they can is not helping anyone except those who are in receipt of that money. So if you ask people generally do they want to be ripped off they'd say no, do you want to travel freely, yes, do you want the cheapest possible energy as long as it doesn't cause pollution, yes, etc etc.

So this is about understanding, information (ie needing it all before being able to make a decision) and agreeing. Look at what we agree on, we want all the things we need and the things that make us happy. People forget that so easily, they get sidetracked on things they aren't aware of (can you tell it's getting warmer? I can't) which once become real overshadow everything else and act as if they were not watching Towering Inferno but in it. That's hypnosis, converting a clear fantasy into a personal reality. Once you're in that nothing else is real in comparison and you're lost.

But all the people preaching for greater government don't know what it's like to have greater government. Give away your power and those who take it will look after themselves and give you back as little as possible to avoid a revolution, except in Zimbabwe there's no revolution so Mugabe just keeps going. Just go there if you want a good lesson in what happens when you let powerful governments rule the masses. Trust the people to deal with the general issues in the world and they will. You don't feed your children because it's law to, but because it's the right thing to do. People didn't stop feeding their children when they found they didn't have to, and animals do it without knowing what law is. Animals in general, including us, are programmed to look after ourselves and others yet prefer for many to hand it over in case it's easier to let others do it for them. And why would those others want to do it unless they were better off as a result?

So rather than divide and rule, look at what we all need in common, and if you want to work against an enemy then work against anyone trying to tell you and others how to live and pay them to do so if it's not in the same places you want it. If resources weren't limited no one would allow an energy saving bulb in their house, they only exist out of a shortage mentality combined with institutional creation of fear. They are the 21st century symbol of the useless and expensive, along with the even worse solar panels. Again, no one would dream of spending half a year's average wage on a piece of kit that powers the TV for an hour a day and packs up in 25 years. Those are the figures from the sales people themselves, they can only sell as our taxes pay the government to pay the owners 10 times more for the energy than it costs normally. All these crazy rules are only accepted as people assume there's a good reason for them which of course was never there. If something's useless it always will be. You can't make excuses to buy or impose something useless on people without their consent and lack of thought. In the end it's fear and trust that fucks us every time, divide, rule and fight. Who would ever dream of going to war as attackers if not either thieves or misguided, yet we see it around us every day. And who decides it? Those with power. Think about that.

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