Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting nowhere?

I'm at such a loose end at the moment I've almost become circumcised again had it been possible. I've done a bit of work so able to pay the bills for a few more weeks and precious little else. I found yet another before and after temperature chart, this time the whole USA showing they've swapped cooling for warming figures with no shame at all. But we know and that's the biggest shame of all. Their wig, false teeth and eyelashes and padded bras have fallen off and we see the pathetic dying joke that global warming truly is.

My other inner life is as quiet as the outer at the moment, although I know something out there can communicate and arrange my life it still leaves me to it most of the time and not conscious of anything there as if there never had been. Just staying out of trouble is a start but must be more than that to actually enjoy life. My research areas- ufos, psychic and the like haven't really produced a lot besides the guidance I mentioned over a year ago now which has continued and widened its scope, but very much the exception of the time so far. Being a natural detective, and wanting to find more than there appears to be I am always looking for something, and my intuition also points me towards areas that smoke without fire. In the areas I look in you're more likely to get shot than a Nobel Prize for discovering the truth let alone publicising it, but you only get your one chance if you do and would be a waste if you sat on it just in case. The number of qualified people who still believe this is all there is is one more reason I keep looking, they need shaking up and educating, and when anything I believe to be true becomes proved then they will have egg right across their bodies, let alone their faces.
I did read a piece on the psychology of belief today and is a sad reflection on why only a small minority of people are relatively immune to liars, however good.

Even the blogs seem to be very little inspired at the moment, I see the same material going round and round simply as it's reflecting life here. The only question is whether it's a circle or a spiral carrying me along as well as back where I started. Thank my blessings- my house, teeth (nearly all man made crowns but intact), parents (that's it for family now by blood relatives anyway), friends (when I get to see them nowadays), savings (at record low interest rates meaning the chance of spending some if carries on a lot longer), my qualifications (although half what I planned) and my TV shows. Even most of that list was still qualified by caveats, which is probably most people's situation- so many couples I come across on the wrong side (as their therapist) are happy as far as everyone's concerned except each other. I settle for people and stick with them but I think most were desperate and didn't really check everything before getting caught. I'm sure I have many more things to be thankful for but not straight away.
I'll be happy after the doctor tomorrow anyway, I don't like all that stuff so will also get another little hurdle out of the way. The rest should follow naturally.

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