Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guidance and bugger all else

I think Firefox will probably get the fonts working here, it's always IE's fault when features are disabled. Not now though. Two halves today, real life (oh dear) and higher stuff. Although I'm close to my publication day it doesn't make anything different at the sharp end, and although I've done plenty this week I ran out by today. There's a pile of very hard maths I can't do on the global warming work, which is how they've managed to catch people for so long. The raw data has in fact been hidden in many cases simply as the variation between that and the hockey sticks they turn out like dogs squatting in the park would have them all locked up for fraud.
I have no other plans, a doctor's appointment at last next week (no quick appointments now the law's changed) and that's it. It gets boring so I get bored, not exactly complicated.

On the other side I did think that since I've been getting all sorts of information in my dreams- names, places and music then someone had to know what I was interested in, know where it was and have the ability to send it to me when I wasn't distracted by my senses. I've reached the point where I'm certain it's real, and now also operating in my waking life by pointing me to certain things in incredibly complex ways where I'd never have got them otherwise if one link of the chain was broken. Of course they are both aspects of the same intelligence, and it's amazing that despite discovering such a source exists the rest of life is identical in between these little episodes. I did expect that if I discovered any sort of higher power it would improve my life instantly but all I now have is knowledge of a random power that chooses when to drop in and help and then buggers off till the next time. None yet in my power to call or direct, and means it doesn't have to return (although now more frequent in my real life) while the dreams were probably just evidence for me to know it was there with absolutely no practical benefit otherwise.

The latest attack of the strange and inadequate women (two who both want to marry me) has only made me look for someone different from either of them as they represent what I don't want rather than what I do. That didn't seem guided, just part of an energy phase which was the original way this intelligence showed itself, specific random things happening all at the same time. So now the next stage is to find where this guidance is coming from, see if I can send messages as well as receive, and work it to my choice more than just demonstrating its power. It's a waste of time guessing as it is no more chance of one guess than any other, maybe if they're listening now they'll answer some of my questions. It is interesting but life still seems stubbornly exactly as it was before although now expect it to work differently. But although it has provided a few nice things it's like christmas, once you've got used to the new presents life returns to how it was before. You need something fundamental to change otherwise, and although I thought discovery of a higher power (not God) would do it so far it's business as usual more or less. It seems to have got a bit stuck for now.

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