Friday, September 10, 2010

Still very quiet here

I can now announce I am officially working as a global warming (skeptic) volunteer, and hope to get whatever messages we have across in an organised way and with science and truth on our side. Basically even if their story was true it would only mean 1) our mean temperature has crept up a little in a century as it was expected to anyway 2) we really have no idea what it will be in 10-20 or 100 years whatever they try and tell you- some officials have said it is more likely to cool for 20-30 years while others say the opposite, and they are working for the same side. 3) As these two issues are the present situation then as nothing is actually wrong then any measures made to restrict people's freedoms and raise taxes is illegitimate and basically criminal.

So that is a new project and one with a great value even to the believers, as if we win the day they will as well, as no one actually wants power cuts, and a wood fire puts as many particles in the air in a day than a car does in a year. Yet no one's deemed fit to target them have they? Otherwise it's still dead quiet- I was up late last night as Dr Karl was on the radio and couldn't miss it once I knew. I've managed not to for a few years as it finishes at 4am but learn so much it's almost worth losing a day a week for a major science lesson. I managed to get to the outdoor gym at least and then found another brook the other side of the park when I took a walk round it. Still no actual plans or ideas although I have already written the first plans for the group and sent them off. If anyone's interested in joining just let me know, they are always looking for more members and volunteers.

I think we all know when things feel right or wrong, and add that when they do we can usually make them worse but very unlikely to make them better. That seems to be built in, just like how it takes an expert to make a vase and anyone can break it in a second. I keep as busy as possible, am thinking ways to get anyone into my life again I can see and talk to, and making the best of the freedom I have but it's clearly not enough. This is the sort of time something needs to come from outside by grace, but does it bollocks. Not for me or you apparently. But nothing should make me ever feel guilty as if there's something I shouldn't have done. As if there was. If you break your limits it's no different from in the gym, you hurt yourself. No risks any more thank you. Better take 100 small steps than one big one, done all that and no longer fit for purpose.
So I can only hand it over each day, sometimes something turns up, sometimes it doesn't, but I reckon like the global warming work I've got as far as I can with everything else on my own as well.

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Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

I think that the Labour Party and the Green Party in the UK are planning to make it law that all grey squirrels be rounded-up and that every household be given three of them in special cages which each cage has a treadmill wheel that the squirrel then uses and thus generates electric for that household. The faeces from the squirrels will be used as fertilisers for growing the food to feed the squirrels. Cheap non-toxic and almost CO2 free energy. The motor trades are working on designing a car that uses the same energy idea to be used at night-time when the solar panels are not in use.
What I want to know is why haven't the Greens etc promoting installing Lunar panels to use the reflected light provided by the moon. The same things could be used on cars.