Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Working with paranoiacs

If I was in the gym now I'd say I'd hit a plateau. I got a load done yesterday- all important stuff here, haircut, house insurance negotiations (hundreds of pounds involved in a single call), shopping and the usual networking, and totally run out of steam now. I went on a dodgy local photo trip today, it poured the minute I left and then the phone went and was kept on all the way there and back, the house I wanted to take had been rebuilt like a prison and took a wrong turn and sat in traffic for nothing.

I am however now pretty much officially a global warming campaigner, I am not the only one organising a coordinated effort and the main point of mine was to get everyone working together, which has now begun happening. The fact people are dying of cold and starvation from the low carbon economy (read pre-industrial, with extra taxes) is enough for me to work at it regardless of the insults I get daily, as they are simply wrong in any way you look at it and currently literally getting away with murder. Hitler convinced the Germans the Jews were responsible for everything wrong in the world (as many still believe), the Soviets convinced the world they had a wonderful country till Stalin's purges became public, and now they're at it again with global warming, blaming all of mankind. Revolution has always followed a long period of subjugation and revolution they will get.

So when I'm in a plateau, a dead zone or whatever other nautical or navigational metaphor you can think of, my resources are limited. Bear in mind limited energy and anxiety only allow options within certain boundaries, and although I'd be unlikely to drive 50-100 miles just for the heck of it any more it also avoids some social activities locally. These change over time so not permanent by any means, but if I risk going outside them I know the result. Not worth it. But I've been guided twice now outside the road sign area, it can affect every part of my life and I know my ambitions and may get one or more at least. But maybe there really is an intelligence behind all of this and allowing us to live an adventure, and then start helping when it gets off track too far. Films are written with an ending, but life isn't, but when you start seeing whole sections that could have been scripted you start to wonder.

Another thread to the guidance is what many best selling spiritual books say, we are given a lot of our information explaining how we get ideas and no idea where they came from. No coincidence I suspect. My work against global warming liars seemed to happen quite outside my wishes, I just realised when I saw a report once that it couldn't be right as any such evidence would have rung alarm bells in any legal trial yet the scientific community are so above everyone else in understanding they can both write any old shite they like and be trusted for it. But predictions are the line that must not be crossed. The further ahead they are the worse, and by setting up a scenario we can't even prove in our own lifetimes they've totally shown the paucity of their plan. We can't predict climate, full stop. We know of certain cycles that happen every so many thousand years, and they are reliable but not in their magnitude or timing. Ice age, short warm period, ice age. Right from day one more or less. Can we change that? Hell no! They are relying on trust and ignorance, so those with neither are stuck as fighting a load of scared children who think we're mad as 'the sky is falling! Can't you see ?'.
Well I've worked with schizophrenics and this is like having half the world afflicted, it's bloody hard work just for an hour or two and this is like landing on planet Paranoia. I should get a bloody Nobel Prize I reckon...

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