Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Alien news

Good news! A letter has arrived at one of out TV programme trio, giving details of the forthcoming series we were filmed for. No dates, but forward plans of videos, followed by scheduling dates coming in further correspondence, so it seems like all systems go! I hope I may get my own letter, though I know what they say already it would be nice to be remembered. Things seem to be happening to plan.
The second alien detail is Paul Hellyer, an 82 year old canadian MP. On Sunday he's scheduled to appear in front of a Toronto UFO conference this Sunday giving details of the government's secret alien files.
Well, as a relatively passive UFO researcher (I have managed to get to one conference though) I can say this is a first. Though it's not apparently officially sanctioned as long as the data's coming out, it'll be official data either way.
But I am terrified it may never happen, as lesser revelations by people I know have been able to attract shots from guns, threats and all the usual persecution you hear happens to UFO whistleblowers. Sad but absolutely true.

Giving advance notice and revealing this information in a public forum is totally reckless. The guy's 82, and god forbid he dies of 'natural causes' in the week before giving his lecture, not a soul on earth could prove otherwise. Unless he's deposited a number of copies of his data elsewhere, if anyone wanted to stop him performing they've got every opportunity to do so. The world is not always a nice place and if the government do in fact have such secrets, they will want to keep them so. Therefore unless this has been unofficially approved, I am terrified he will never make the speech at all, unless it's another damp squib like every one previously. But no one has claimed to reveal this type of information before. You can see why I'm worrying...

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