Wednesday, September 28, 2005


My recent conclusion why my readership seems to have dwindled to my own checking is because the common theme since I started appears to be complaining. There is a logic here, as if I don't complain I become even more burdened with the stresses of life than I already am, plus when I write I try and make it entertaining in a Tony Hancock sort of way. So if I complain here it should also stop me doing it with friends and family as I know they can do without it, and maybe it makes the odd poor sod feel better when they see how life can take over your long held plans and piss and shit all over them.

I don't intend to depress anyone, Shakespeare's tragedies were no less entertaining than his comedies, and unlike Shakespeare I never intend to write tragedies. It probably comes out like that most of the time, but unfortunately many aspects of my life went downhill, and this year all at once. Had I lived in a small town or community they would have not only helped, but probably taken much of the situation away in the first place as much of my trouble is being isolated within a 40 mile stretch of urbanisation where even the few people you see regularly usually pretend they've never seen you before. So, there's the background to why I whinge like a geriatric Jewish grandma, whose sadly biggest weapon of tedium is repetition.

I know one who is younger than me, but since I met her at 19 was old before her time and never acted a day under 80. I would greatly love to weave my own and their stories into a screenplay, though Jerry Seinfeld did it in America, he had to remove the Jewish element (by ignoring anyone's Jewish identity other than his own), rather than sacking the all-Jewish cast (except Kramer). I could easily create a weekly soap of London Jewish neurosis equal to Woody Allen and Jackie Mason, and maybe in my next major hiatus in time will have a go. It's something I used to do long ago so worth a revival after some 30 years off the case.

I have joined another blog for losers in love which I would link only the name is too rude for my regulars (ex-regulars...?) so I'll simply attempt to link it here if I can find how to hide the name. my other blog.
I may need to read the help and advice page on inserting links. The method here is one that only primary school kids could work out as they were fluent in HTML by 7. I think the next level would be to start some more specialised blogs, including the complaining blog. I know I'm not alone, and personally enjoy reading complaints as it tends to make me think others are also aware the world isn't perfect and they may do something about it as a result. Constructive criticism. So to end with a good example, our lovely government are now planning to extend congestion charging nationally, and the pinnacle is the M4 motorway at Heathrow airport, and unless I misheard, the charge isn't going to be the £8 for driving in London, but... £40!
The politicians are now using global warming as another excuse to tax air passengers (read 'flights have become so cheap there's a chance to jack up the prices and still sell tickets'). The congestion charge is also going to be extended within the whole of London and inside the M25. I personally have begun not to care how far I travel any more, and maybe the restrictions that will come with only being able to travel when essential will force people to find more to do in their local areas and possibly even get to know a few people there.

I thought that Tony Blair has actually gone beyond anything politicians would have done in the past. Neither Stalin or Hitler, and as far as I know Castro haven't and never would charge to drive anywhere. OK, cars were not quite as widespread in those times and places, but had they been, I don't believe the toughest regimes of last century (and this one) would try a scam like that. Will the Chinese and North Koreans decide to have a charge to drive anywhere once enough people own cars to create a market? I don't think so. OK, it was Ken Livingstone, London's own mixture of every historical figure we were happy to have abroad and not here. But he's only captured Labour's general attidude to private freedom, and beat them to it more as an experiment to see if he could get away with it before being adopted nationwide as it now has been in theory. Road pricing is now in the Labour manifesto and as they'll probably be on the throne for most of my future life, anything Tony wants Tony gets. Then when the world becomes colder (as it possibly will) he will take some credit for it from all his anti-travel policies to control greenhouse emissions. What a twat.

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