Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What God wants

Following on from yesterday, in said book, I tried the simple exercises proposed a couple of times, and you know what- they seemed to work! You replace random thoughts and feelings with chosen ones. Feelings should follow the thoughts, so you simply decide what to think about instead of all the usual shit, and the good feelings seem to follow. Part three (the miraculous element) says this can actually create the events you are imagining in reality! That will be a real bonus!
But to start, it does appear to work for the first two stages. Feel as you would have IF you already had anything you want on the list.

A second item I read confirmed my decision already conformed by Nick Roach, that heaven and hell are here, and God does not punish. Who said this? Some hippy professor in California stoned on LSD? A heretic preacher from India? Try again. This profound statement, which apparently got as much publicity as the mass sightings of UFOs recently in Mexico, or was it Brazil (see how they let us forget)- no, it was The Pope.

Catholic teachings going back a thousand years or more were killed in one speech by the infallible Pope's statement on July 28th 1999, to the Vatican.

"Damnation cannot be attributed to an initiative of God, because in his merciful love he cannot want antyhing except the salvation of the people he created" He added hell is not a place, but "As a situation in which one finds oneself after freely and definitively withdrawing from God, the source of life and joy".
The "inextinguishable fire" and the "burning oven" were symbolic and metaphorical, to "indicate the complete frustration and vacuity of a life without God".

So, to summarise, God does not punish us, and hell is right here while we're alive, a symbolic state of separation from God. So next time I tell someone this, I'll say "Don't argue with me, argue with the Pope".

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