Thursday, September 01, 2005

Two hours

Honestly, some things actually wouldn't have registered on my mind at all if I wasn't thinking of what to write here as well. For instance, what you can cram into a small time.
Today, in just two hours exactly, I bought the mounts and material for mounting my first two completed paintings, came home, put the first coat of paint on the front door, the last on the garage door parts that had been repaired, cut the front lawn and only stopped to do this and have my tea as I can't paint again till tomorrow when the coats are dry enough.
I am then going to get a crack at tidying my desk, filing, and clearing as much junk out of my spare room as possible, bearing in mind that as the garage still leaks after 10 years (as no one can bother to fix the asbestos roof as it's such a pain in the arse with the regulations involved)I can't put much in there and have no loft since it was converted. This meant half the stuff I never brought in the house on arrival has long since rotted, and what the rain didn't get, the mice did. Yech...

So today, like last Thursday, was free from beginning to end and last Thursday I also got a pile of stuff done, including finishing painting all but one of the windowsills and brickwork round the front door. As one uses stone paint and the other wood paint, I couldn't be bothered to get a match done, and now have a wedgwood blue door and pale blue surrounds. I'm just waiting for the first rude comment so I can feel bad about my work again...
Well, my exhaustion is teaching me lessons on a regular basis. As I knew I'd be free today, I came home last night around midnight literally knackered and should have gone to bed. I checked my usual emails etc., and then discovered some Japanese model cars on ebay. An hour and a half later I'd searched almost every model on my list, found a couple and bid for them, and of course it was 2.30 again. I am now suffering the penalty. Though my current condition has little effect on DIY, housework and amazingly weightlifting, standing in queues and driving in traffic is almost impossible. I can't go into a medical analysis as I'm not qualified, I just know I have to go to bed early for a couple of weeks and carry on missing arrangements. I have no other way of improving.

So, the paintings are off to the gallery in a few days, and before the public have a chance, the boss there will have to decide whether to take them or not. Either way, my first two are going nowhere however much he may like them, they are on the wall and staying there for me! I just hope my energy picks up sooner than later, but I can't do more than I am and try not to worry about it which does no good either. And I'll never take the piss out of certain members of my family when they're tired either, it's caught up to my generation now. Bugger.

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