Thursday, September 15, 2005

Loose ends (or screws?)

An early entry today, as bedtime is being advanced by a few hours before my health suffers any more.
A few updates on the psychic research. Firstly, the crop circle video showing them forming from nothing has just been admitted as a hoax. They used two films, and covered an existing circle with another field, then removed it. Very clever. The balls of light were just that, balls.
It also appears we have senses behind our senses, that is subonscious counterparts that work undetected, giving us information not from our sense organs but perfectly accurate. It operates a different part of the brain that makes us react to these stimuli without being aware of them, and they don't know how it works! A possible alternative unmeasurable explanation I wonder?
Secondly, on my alien abduction TV project, the time is officially here for the unveiling, and all three of us (myself [the hypnotist], the subject, and the scientist helper) are jumping around waiting to hear of news of our breaking our virginity as TV personalities. I've also asked the person who set it up to see if he knows any more than we do (nothing) as everyone's getting excited but hearing no news. There have been growing telepathic communications between my subject and his alien guide Zaphos, and the name he gave for mine (which I'm still unaware of) is Zarg.
I didn't actually look it up directly but wanted to find out about the Hutchison effect, another potential failed claim of miraculous events from simple electrical equipment, when the first page I found had 'Zarg', an experiment in collective consciousness. Now how about that? Tom Bearden had named his entity, made up of the collective consciousness of a group of experimenters, Zarg, and it's Zarg who's said to be communicating to me. That's a three-pointed coincidence, where the result was found not by looking and discovering its significance, but looking for something else and having it force its way into my awareness. Zaphos is now reaching the 'overshadowing' stage, where many famous authors such as Neale Doanald Walsch and Ruth Montgomery were literally 'written through' by higher intelligences. Whether again this was their subconscious of actually a link with higher beings who can tell, but can only be judged on the quality of what is produced in the writing.

My final loose screw is a result of necessity. In this year I have had the stress collected for what could have been a whole lifetime, well it feels like it anyway. I know so many intelligent and gifted people (not that I'm including myself here!) who suffer depression, mental illness, physical illness and family illness while all the yobs, bastards, thickos and dullards seem to drink smoke and fight their way through life relatively unscathed. The good people contribute usually on a voluntary basis to helping lots of people, teaching them, supporting them, and generally giving the world riches while often feeling like shit themselves. Now suffering is the hole in the argument for God's existence. A design fault allowing physical and mental suffering (hell) at an infinite level to me buggers up the whole theory and equation. Excuses (reasons) have included 'Well, once you realise it's not real like a dream you relax with relief'. Haven't they heard of post-traumatic stress? Veterans from Vietnam 40 years ago or so are still suffering flashbacks though a bomb hasn't fallen near them in all that time. We keep the scars. So that argument holds no water. The next is 'It's not what's happening that matters, it's how we react to it' Uh-uh. Physical symptoms are not allowing anyone to 'react' as they so simply put it. They are just there and come and go as they please. Argument two: rejected. Oh, they've run out of arguments. Others, such as 'It's not up to us to understand God's plan' both rely on the existence of God, and if so, his sadism, to justify suffering. Goodbye to that one. And finally Buddha, 'Suffering ends when you become enlightened and accept everything as it is'. That's the only one left standing, and relies 100% on trust. Trust your enlightened masters are both enlightened and above suffering. So that's all that's left for my own spiritual route out of suffering, besides the practical efforts of becoming forced to search for practical ways out of situations of it. I am in the process of making a list, and oddly enough analysing and sharing the information is one of the best ways of handling it. Sharing. Fancy that. Well, I'm off to share more, I know two more places that should hear it.

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