Saturday, September 17, 2005

Falling into place?

Gestalt. Wholeness. Fritz Perls thought that by destroying your world, it could be rebuilt properly. Not an original view, shamanism has been using it for thousands of years. It is funny how apparently new ideas can often be traced back to pre-history, but that's for my PhD thesis (in my dreams...).

So, what's falling into place? The ultimate blockage in life is suffering. I was pushed into this decision by the 2005 from hell, and I now realise, like the person run over by the bus, oh my god, it can happen to me. Next time I see anyone in trouble I won't imagine 'that won't happen to me' as it can. We all know that in our minds, but block it from going any deeper, but that goes when it happens to you.

Anyway, there is a point. Phases. Phases are the clues there is something going on behind the scenes for a point. My insights gained from these events has become more and more spontaneous, obvious messages coming from turmoil, and then reading Nick Roach, Neale Donald Walsch or another great writer has said the same thing. That's both a phase and a confirmation it's not in my imagination.

So, if there's really someone guiding my life (Nick's taught me not to include anyone else in that statement), technically it can only be me. But within the illusion of separation, if it's subconscious it's a part of me I'm not aware of so may as well be someone else. If I can get beyond the stage of awareness of suffering to understanding of it, I'll be enlightened or liberated. It's called the dark night of the soul, and often comes at the time before the breakthrough. I don't believe it's happening to me yet as it's still the dark time, but the clues that it all fits together should mean the light will break through just as spontaneously as the insights come.

A PS, if there's a person or two around who understands what you're going through and cares enough to help, it makes the journey a lot easier regardless of the rocks in the path.

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