Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Today's caca

I have split myself in two pieces today, one for spiritual matters and this one for everyday matters, ie every day I wade through more setbacks and manure with the odd diamond glinting in the piles of it.

I wonder why I never became a poet...?

Anyway, hopefully the spiritual will affect the everyday (as that is what it's there for) and it won't carry on producing a regular supply of setbacks and disadvantages but something that reflects my new inner being. But today was in the old model. A complete waste actually, no one could make it including the cleaner, so though that was temporary certain stuff has to be cleared up by me or the health inspectors will close me down.
I also have to mention a few news items for a change, as they are partly affecting me so worthy of a mention. Of course my gloom and doom predictions of fuel crises some months ago proved on the button. Sadly when I see a massive turd on the horizon heading this way I tend to be right, as I have studied the news most of my life which is why I discard and dismiss most of it. But not this story. It's been building up all year, and the official story is the one I've been waiting for since the 60s. Oil is finally running out. There's not as much as people want to use. The economy, my friends, is fucked. End of. (Acknowledgements to Craig Coates, UK Big Brother 6 for said catchphrase).
Unless we are given the free or cheaper alternative fuels the companies bought up over the 20th century, it'll be horses before 2012. No joke. As soon as the Chinese got enough money to buy cars, that very prosperity seems to have tipped the balance between supply and demand, towards demand over supply and the associated shit hitting the fan. Unless the buggers at Opec are lying (quite possible) that is it. They can't find enough to supply the world's needs. So we are back to petrol queues and protests, Gordon Brown saying it's not his fault and the petrol suppliers saying it's not theirs, and basically it's stuck. I have enough to do here for the next 30 years so bollocks to going anywhere...

Hurricane Ophelia. Don't blink as you may never see those words again. After Katrina, the next wasn't far behind. But only on one radio station. Hurricanes seem to happen (to quote the phrase) maybe one in every four starts (going by the last few years' news reports). So they name and shame one after another just in case, but only a fraction ever mature into the real deal, and Ophelia is looking like one not to watch. I may be wrong, but if not, at least you read about it here as it's been dropped by all other media since Saturday.

One day those wankers at the BBC will be paying me to talk about the news, but till that day comes, it's only available here. Sorry everyone!

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