Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Today's updates

I'll start with the errant Hurricane Ophelia. Yes, it's almost a hurricane, but it's managed to follow the South Carolina coastline, thus avoiding anything newsworthy. By the way, all hurricane activity has been following a long and predictable pattern, totally independent of human or supernatural activity (source, Charlie Wolf, TalkSport radio). Disastrous, yes. Unusual, no. And building a city below sea level on a flood plain in a hurricane district is somehow an accident waiting to happen. But not a surprise or a man-made effect, only a man-made cause.
Not cynical, but scientific.

Otherwise I am using the time I have as usefully as possible, with Man Utd on Sky soon in their first round proper in Europe. It's a week of housework ahead, which is both easy and satisfying, with actual results you can see and appreciate. There's a new pile of important but annoying little items (especially as the cleaner's a couple of days late), the bombsite situation has gone past the level she normally allows it to reach, and I can't let her sort out such a pile or she may not want to do it again. I have a list of phone calls that are as much duty as anything else but can't be avoided. So all I can do is get on with it and if anything interesting happens I'll feel a lot happier. Still incredibly tired so working within my current limits. The email situation (send-reply ratio) has become a little thin recently, one just sent may raise some useful information but the rest are now a lost cause. Star signs, apparently. Some people are meant to take duties seriously (Cancer, Capricorn etc) where others are more guided by what feels more interesting at the time. I'm Aquarius and find all duties come automatically except those I really can't stand (especially carpet cleaning).

Finally after 30 years I realised I may have been on TV one more time, as I watched England win the ashes, as I was there for the same event in 1974, and ran on the pitch. It never occured to me to watch it afterwards in the highlights, but as they followed the team off the pitch, I was one of the little crowd around them. I wonder if the tape's still around?

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