Wednesday, September 07, 2005


No, it's not about my neighbours, but refers to the daily instalment of the soap opera, the last one left worth watching, and how my blog is updated in a similar way, with banal and sometimes (to me, at least) fascinating events from Kingsbury and around.

After the build up, the various duties this week have now either been done or in the case of one, delayed for a while beyond my control. At least this has given me a bit more chance to have time both for myself, and a fascinating project (see, they do happen here sometimes) of proofreading the script of Nick Roach's book. This is a great honour for me, actually working with my teacher, and the part I've read so far addresses every aspect in depth beyond of course what can be taught in a few hours, and is really something of a work of genius. I must have read ten or twenty books on non dualism/advaita as well as many others on enlightenment, and though inspirational, are not what I'd call academic or technical in many ways. This book (so far and no reason not to continue) doesn't miss a thing. Every question I've heard and had in the years of following the circuit is answered, not in a quick dismissive way as some do, or even worse using words in such peculiar and complex forms no one can actually follow it at all. It feels like a residential course with Nick without either having to leave the house or even have him here in person, and it's already deepened my understanding threefold from seeing the teaching behind the teaching I've already had.

Otherwise the other really good news is both my paintings are on their way to the gallery wall to be put up. Both were accepted, and I've just been out taking photos of the next locations. Especially as I am barely earning a penny now, the TV, writing and painting careers would be exactly what I needed to start an income again, as having bills for thousands of pounds with nothing coming in to replace them is a new experience and one I have no desire to continue with. These projects will pay little or nothing, but if successful will mean a media presence, which any of Max Clifford's clients will tell you, is worth thousands in itself, and people pay him even more just to get to that position (having absolutely fuck-all talent themselves, or wouldn't need to be 'made' famous for doing nothing useful).
Ahead are the windows to be painted, but the rust on the metal ones, and the rot on the wooden ones means a lot more has to be done first before the paint finally goes on. But no money's being laid out to do it except for materials when I can do a perfectly good job myself, which is one way of saving a bit.

Well, one by one our radio presenters are reading blogs on the radio, I wonder how long it'll be before some blogs become as valuable as other earlier sites like friends reunited, now worth millions, and some writers be elevated to celebrity? It's not even a joke now, having even seen a page of online forums reprtinted in The Times, for crap's sake! One day the Kingsbury blog could be serialised in a daily paper and I couldn't say I had no money any more in it, as the very thing I have so much time to do could end up paying for the time I have used. That's how the art began, and the writing came from courses I did that asked me for more when I'd finished. Now if my love life was building up strength in a similar way I'd have something to really celebrate. Though good news is always good news, it's always better when shared with a partner. And not one with fleas...

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