Monday, September 26, 2005

A bit more of everything

Various small issues going on at the moment, nothing of any importance probably but what I find boring is often what others may find interesting. It certainly seems the other way round here...

There was a very rare occurence today, a woman, my sort of age and nice actually came and spoke to me in Syon Park garden centre. I saw her in a furniture shop there and when we came out (I went with my father) she came and spoke to us about the furniture, and was very friendly. This (especially in London) happens so rarely it really makes an impression, though she sounded like she was from Newcastle or Norway (can be hard to tell...) where they would speak to normal looking people in furniture shops they didn't know. Then we saw her in the cafe but we weren't eating yet, but though I said hello again she didn't draw me back into conversation as I was considering getting her contact details if she had. But it just shows if you wait long enough and mix with people things can happen eventually.

The current two supernatural issues Howard Hughes has turned up for me on Talk Sport radio are on my system now until they die as all before them have. Paul Hellyer was meant to speak to a Toronto conference on governments holding secret information on aliens. Mr Hellyer is a Canadian ex minister, now 82, who is on the side of disclosure, and now I have to discover if he indeed spoke before the powers that be could shut him up, and if so what he said.
Major Ed Dames, another US military official (retired) teaches remote viewing, but before he reitres wants to film a meeting with an alien, by February 2006. My 'loony radar' went off at full power, besides the fact he is an accredited and official expert, but even the mighty can fall. Once this does or does not occur Howard Hughes and myself will report the result. But I won't be getting very excited in advance.

Finally, I was just reporting these issues on a forum, when I realised the only supernatural events in my life have been my own abilities and results from meditation. Neither took the slightest effort, I simply did as I was told by a teacher and certainly the first times they worked. How they tailed off after that is probably subconscious mental sabotage, as if you can do something once, it's possible. I can still do some things but the big stuff like seeing auras has evaded me most of the time since I first managed it.

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