Saturday, December 15, 2007

This week...

Plenty of ups and downs this week. I finally bought a digital video camera at the weekend so have spent most of my time pissing around learning to use it. I'm at the stage now where I can post on Youtube but less than 2 minutes and not learned to split my clips into manageable files yet.

Other than video activities I'm still slowly catching up with people online for future arrangements, since my friend went abroad in 2002 there's been a huge gap, I've met no one new (most of my friends had been so for 20-45 years so rarely needed to turn over), and the net has allowed me to meet old and new friends only limited by their locations so far.
I've been fairly busy, got many good photos this week but done pretty little else besides camera related work. Hopefully it'll be worth it once it all works although such short clips aren't going to have much substance to them when it does.
Oddly I rang the TV company here today about the latest UK based programme as they'd ignored my emails and although the fax number worked implying they still existed their office number didn't any more. I tried a BT check but they now only check BT numbers so if a cable number doesn't work then who the hell gets it reported for a caller?

Yesterday was good for many reasons, I got the video to get on Youtube after a nice walk around Golders Green with both cameras. I've made two outdoor videos now but can't yet edit them down to get short enough to upload. Today was a pisser really, I was going to Brent Cross station but got a call the North Circular was closed and went to the park instead. The 2 minute video ended still longer than allowed and spent the rest of the afternoon reformatting everything and just crashed the editor as a result. I'll find a way but not today. I've also found another stalker on Youtube like the ones I had here but I have no idea who they are and why they're doing it unlike the others who showed themselves.
I may not have a chance to go out tomorrow as I have to let the cleaner in, but I suppose a 1 minute video of a tube station I've done already is hardly a great loss. Other plans are virtually non existent, as are expectations. Even the American TV company haven't updated their monthly web page saying what's coming next so can't see if I'll be on next month.

Anyway, I'm doing my best, have no idea what's coming ahead but hopefully break the monotony eventually.

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