Sunday, December 02, 2007

Is life controlled?

Essay on whether our lives are controlled
By David Howard LLB
My question is- 'Is life controlled by an outside force or random and meaningless?' There are only 2 possible answers, yes or no. This is an all or nothing result, like being pregnant- one or the other. There can be no middle position.
 I see so many coincidences in my life I find it hard not to believe in control, but I also see so much crap and so little progress I wonder why God would make it such a tough and thankless route for so many of us.
This leads to the next point. Are we alone or is God (or any other force) with us?. If we're controlled, we're never alone, as the controller is always with us, even if we are not aware of it.
As I have no God experience of my own, I can only go by the stories of so many others who claim a direct experience of God or enlightenment themselves. I trust the honesty of most of them, and if they claim to have experienced God or other dimensions of existence, some may exaggerate peak experiences or simply be deluded, but others bring back corroborative evidence, which is hard to dispute.
A few Eastern saints claim to have the power to pass on the God experience to others, through a method called 'shaktipat'.
The 'many dimensions' theory means what we see as the 'real world' is actually like a TV programme, the programme is the seen tip of a much greater iceberg, where for every programme are unseen transmitters, scene shifters, editors, directors etc. which are invisble to the viewers, but as we know this system, we all know they are there. We are only aware of what our senses allow us to be aware of, not what is actually there- eg radio, UV waves etc. If we can't see these scientifically proven waves, who knows what else, for all 5 senses, is out there beyond our current spectra of awareness?
Many people again, claim to have seen this system at work, my favourite is the late Robert A Monroe, the out of body experience expert. He claims to have seen all the hidden places and beings who are continually aware of, and interfering in our daily life. Which leads me to the final point raised by the control theory. Mr Monroe, as with all out of body or near death experiencers claim death is not the end of our awareness, just a shift of it to another place. Imagine you had died, realised you were still there, and come back to life. You'd have no more fear of death, or anything in life, as you'd know you were actually immortal, and nothing could really harm you. We may not take our life's lessons so seriously any more, but we'd sure enjoy the rest of our time!
My conclusions are not bad news though: There are only 3 possibles answers
1) We have no control, therefore there has to be a God
2)There is no God, so at least we have as much control as anyone can in this world
3) We have supernatural control, if we learn it, so we cocreate our lives as God
in my view, the worst is conclusion 2, the fully materialistic view, and at worst, it means things are exactly as they appear. But in my experience, there are a few gaps to this view. See my psychic experience page and add yours to the board.
Please add your comments or experiences of God/other dimensions to the meaning of life board. David

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