Friday, December 14, 2007

Global lying, big time.

The total bollocks going on in Bali (the latest climate change arrangement) will be a licenced method of theft by most countries on earth. If I knocked on your door and asked for money for my medical bills or debts you'd tell me to piss off. But if I say it's for charity or to save the planet most people will give something. So make up a huge cause (the UN are ideally placed to do so) and as they say, the bigger the lie the bigger the acceptance of it. Look at Christianity for fuck's sake.

So they create a problem that doesn't exist, can't be proved (getting more and more like Christianity isn't it) and pretend your experts say it does and we all need to pay them to stop it. What a formula! 'Problem-reaction-solution', a con described by David Icke when a government create trouble and then look like fucking heroes after they go to work to fix it, involving severe cuts in personal liberty and/or huge taxes. We're getting the full megillah here, the biggest scam ever. This con is going to rip off more people in more places than any other in the history of humanity. If it was a crime it would be a stroke of genius. How many of you can prove it isn't happening? Not many. A few can and have, but no one believes them. After all, why would our governments lie? I think the truth is why wouldn't they? They can, do and always have, like the press they work with to promote said lies. Anyway, I said it here enough times that all the effort to stop global warming is the biggest joke ever as even if it was happening we would be powerless to change it. But we are about to witness the biggest redistribution of wealth since the French revolution. And this time the ordinary people's heads will be rolling, the ones at the top will be becoming rich from all the carbon money. Where do you think it goes? Energy companies? Yes. Apart from governments they have made the most money from this fiasco so far, followed by that total piece of shit Al Gore.

Despite a heap of new evidence showing global warming is a myth and one by one the old campaigners falling it's become taken over by world powers now and only by realising it for what it is will we be able to stop losing our rights to travel, cheap energy and lower taxes. That's the real bottom line, we will all lose except the thieves.


suesam said...

Hi David,

I too wonder what the hell is going on, though my concern is that while the emphasis is on 'Anthropogenic Global Warming' (AGM, see I've even learnt the lingo!) other more deserving social issues are being ignored. Also, who is going to take any notice of real environmental campaigns as those organisations will be totally discredited when AGM is exposed for the scam it is?

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would say that was the plan ;-)


David said...

Thanks Sue,

the really weird thing is if you and I can see it why do most people accept it on trust? The fact CO2 levels were shown by a British court no less to follow warming not cause it should be a big enough hole in the argument to lose many supporters.
Combine that with NASA's latest figures the peak temperatures were in the 30s and temperatures haven't risen this century basically appears to mean the actual facts don't even get in the way of the politics. But how long can they keep it up?