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Alien dialogue

Channeled alien dialogue with alleged alien abductee under hypnosis with alien being Zaphos, 1st session November 2004, second December 2004. This is the most complete and consistent report I have ever witnessed in a client.

1)What is the reason for abducting people? "They are experimenting on life forms, reproductive units (how they see us) after creating us as their farm animals. Thus they have a duty to look after us as we do our own animals."

2)What do you get from the experiments? "We provide a gene pool, so what benefits humans benefits us as we are all the same, with the same genes."

3)Where are you from? "We have the same origins as you. We are one, we have polluted our own planet just as you are now polluting your own. We also had a community on Mars which is the origin of the face and other markings we can see on it."

4)Can you harm us? "We are totally safe in their hands, they see us as part of themselves. We all share the same origins"

5)Why do we forget abductions? "Sometimes we wipe memories, but usually the human soul cuts off such memories itself"

6) Can you heal our illnesses? "Not all. We can kill cancers without removing them, but some disorders are genetic or damaged organs which we can't always help"

7) How do you travel here? "We use channels which you are polluting with your wars, killing and pollution which makes it harder for us to use. We are the universe, we are everything. When people die they come into our channels and killing so many people blocks them for us. You must learn as we had to to stop war and polluting the Earth, which in turn pollutes the gene pool and creates new genetic disorders"

8) How do you hide your craft from us? "We can select certain people to see them, it's often the ordinary people we want to see us as what you call important people are more likely to ruin our messages"

9) What are your plans for mass disclosure? "We are planning a revelation in 2012. Meanwhile we have contracted with your governments to maintain secrecy. "

10)How do you decide who is abducted? "Your subject today needed more guidance, so we chose him for it"

11) Have I been abducted? "Yes, once, in East Grinstead in 1972, from a car, heading for Croydon" Could it have been 1982? "Yes, quite possibly 1982, we have problems converting to your time" Could it have been 1984, that was the first time I went there? "No, it was 1982" Who was I with? "A man was also abducted from the car, he was about 30 and had black curly hair and glasses called Sam or Sang"

On reflection, I hadn't been to East Grinstead in 1982, I went with my father in 1984 and not to Croydon. But in 1982 I collected a friend from Gatwick airport, and the road home went through Croydon. At the time he was 20, not 30, but did have curly black hair and glasses and was called something like Sam or Sang. His name was Jonathon, but his last name does actually almost have Sang in it! Though he had glasses, he rarely wore them and probably not on that day. Crawley is a few miles west of East Grinstead, and both have a road to Croydon. Were it not for this small detail the facts would have corresponded perfectly, as the subject had never met me till yesterday and I had to think for a while where I'd been 22 years ago. There were too many details to dismiss that. I was told I'd be abducted again soon, retain more memories and get some back from the first one when they chose to return them.

12) Why was I chosen for abduction? "I am gifted, they chose to use me, I am one of the most able of Earth volunteers"

Second session
1) We come from Delphis 3 55-57 light years away. We travel here at the speed of light, but send the air crew (greys) and control them from our home planet

2) The greys don't use eyes and ears, but hear and see telepathically. The black eyes are visors to protect their remaining eye areas which are very sensitive to light

3) The ship is powered by a positron generator beamed upward in a spiral by a waveguide (this repels the negatively charged planets). Much of our equipment is housed in your old technology to save our resources (as seen on ship by subject).

4) The alien's appearance is like ancient Egyptians, who are hybrids between the resident apes on earth and the alien people. There was also a colony on Mars, which the face there represents their appearance. Humans being hybrids share some of the alien's intelligence, and some are given psychic powers by them as well, to be used for the benefit of others

5) We are needed to keep their race going as they have badly polluted their own planet. In exchange for the genetic material taken from abductions we are given some of their technology, but only that we can use without danger

6) The first and best example of a higher being was sent to the Dogon tribe in Africa long before biblical times, and was called Nomo

7) Certain gifted individuals on Earth are Merlins (which is a qualification level rather than a specific individual). Jesus was a super Merlin, having all the powers shared among the others separately. They are working for the good (eg Uri Geller, Matthew Manning etc) and against those that control governments such as the Bildeberg group, who will soon be reined in by the aliens as they are ruining the earth in pursuit of power

8) Global warming is not the threat we are facing. Nuclear radiation is, and cannot be cleaned once released, then chemical and atmospheric.

9) There was one original creator we call God, who is the origin of us all, and lives on in spirit, but none of us fully  know our origins. Life is a natural state caused by a single creator

10) Our pets are more advanced than most realise, and we really work together with them on a more equal level, much as aliens do with us, they look after us the same way we do pets

11) The religious texts of all religions point to the same truth, but current translations have lost the message

12) The reason we don't see abductions is they're cloaked from view. Spaces are made in walls and cars using a uranium beam advanced laser, and the piece is returned and repaired at a molecular level with no trace of damage. People are raised in a cradle of light using angstrom particle light beams

13) If you read the work of Eric Von Daniken he was actually closer to the truth than any others. Archaeologists will start to unearth evidence of our presence

14) We sometimes take water from the Earth lakes and rivers as fuel, to cool our reactors and for our own use

15) There is a pool of free energy, available by crossing the universal energy barrier, but can be dangerous both for us and them to use too much, and isn't actually an infinite source, and at worst could lead to an anti-matter explosion if misused.

16) The government have shot down a craft with a ray

17) Some crop circles are inspired by us and made by humans, others are made by ships hovering unintentionally

1) My own abduction actually took place on the 5th attempt (explained place and date confusion) including one from a Ford Escort. I said I didn't ever have one. Zaphos replied I wasn't driving. I asked what colour, he said deep red. My friend used to drive his mother's red Escort with me, especially before he'd passed his driving test, as we shared a business together, and a few years later it was changed for a blue one. But at the time (about 1980-2) we often drove around London in that red Escort.


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